Green smoothies

Like many a trend, I am very late to jump on board but I’ve finally joined the green smoothie movement and one week in, I’m loving it! Our lil family has had a bad winter health wise with colds and coughs doing the rounds without relief. It’s been a very long and tiring few months for us all. And whilst I can’t prevent the germs the kiddies pick up at school and kindy and kindly share with the rest of us, I CAN boost our immune systems with delish smoothies as well as increase energy, bolster digestive systems (!), detox, improve skin and so on and so on. With the right combo of greens, fruit and additives such as chia seeds, spirulina, hemp, protein and the like you can help the body fight, increase, improve and balance. Ah-mazing!!!
We popped off to The Good Guys to get a smoothie maker and came home with this one…

This is the Kambrook Blitz2Go which we paid $45 for plus purchased another 2 bottles as an extra giving us 4 large bottles and 1 small, a far better amount for a family.
I spent half the night researching recipes (although it did come with quite a few yummy sounding ones), and found a few great sites. There are so many out there so I’m sure you’ll be able to steer me towards others also! The ones I found though, in case you’re interested, are Deliciously Ella, I Quit Sugar, The Healthy Chef and Simple Green Smoothies. I picked some simple, not too out there recipes from these sites and made a list….I love list making!!
The next day I popped down to the shops with said list and came home laden with greens (baby spinach, cucumber & herbs) and fruits (strawbs, pineapple & an array of citrus) and some coconut water. I got all organised chopping up all the ingredients in ready to use pieces and freezing them so prep is easier and food doesn’t go to waste. I then made up 4 different blends to pop in the fridge for hubs for the week ahead so in the morning all he has to do is get up, grab a bottle from the fridge, quickly blitz and go! He is loving them as are the kids, which given how green some of them have been is surprising! I thought I would have a much harder time of it but call a green drink The Hulk and they can’t get into it fast enough ;-) These are the recipes we have had so far…
hulk smoothie highly recommend this for the little people!
Immune Boosting Green Smoothie more juice than the normal thick smoothie but hub loved it
Green Goddess Smoothie…I may have told the mr it was called the green GOD smoothie so he wasn’t put off ;-)
Fountain of Youth Smoothie…I’m also having this one today, I haven’t had hubs verdict yet but for me it’s very strong flavours, wouldn’t be an every day smoothie for me but maybe a few tweaks to tone it down and it would go down easier!
– another immune boosting one with spinach, oj, water, banana, carrot, strawberries & blackberries…I can’t find a link for it sorry!
I’m keen to start gathering all the booster bits- hemp powder, spirulina etc, does anyone have a good source of these for a newcomer to the scene?
I am sharing more on my fb page here each day so check it out! Have a great day and a green smoothie if you’re into them…and if you’re not you should be!! <3

Parenting wins

Parenting is hard work. Every now and then though you get a reward that makes all this hard work worth it. Tears, tantrums, sleeplessness and mess all disappear behind tears of happiness and pure love for the small person you have been ushering through life for the past near on six years. These years have been amongst the hardest of our lives but her actions and words this morning showed me we must be doing something right to have produced a babe as kind hearted as this. Our teeniest babe has been unwell the past couple of weeks and sleep has been a priceless commodity. Last night was no exception, I think she and I got about 2hours of interrupted sleep. This morning our big babe Ella came and stole our teeniest babe Anna out of our bed so I could sleep. Hubs had headed out for a ride early on and Anna and I had finally nodded off for a bit. Of course she woke after an half an hour so Ella popped in, stole her out of the bed and took her to the the lounge to play. This gave me an hour of pure, blissful, uninterrupted snoozing. Hunger eventually hit and big babe brought little babe back in to bed fed. As I was feeding her I could hear some strange noises coming from the kitchen. I called her back in to find out the happenings and she told me:
mum, I’m cleaning the kitchen table and the chairs for you. I’m going to do all your jobs for you today so you can rest. Dad and I will make dinner too so that you can rest cos you’re tired.
Cue massive surprise and teary eyes from me. She and I have a somewhat difficult relationship at times which is something I’m not proud to admit. She has a very strong personality and we clash more often than not, tiredness from us both being a big contributing factor. We adore one another to bits and pieces but with one thing and another we forget to show each other at times. I take the blame for this being the “grown up” but together we are working on this to strengthen our bond and improve areas of our lives. But today showed me that while I may be down on myself quite often in regards to my parenting abilities, I have very obviously done something right along the way to produce a daughter who at just 5 years of age can see how tired her mumma is and decide off her own bat that her mumma needs to rest and deserves a day off. I am as proud as punch of her and am feeling a little more rested thanks to her beautiful soul. I can only hope that I make her as proud of me one day as I am of her.


Shoes on my winter hit list

I have no idea what shoes I wore last winter, perhaps I just lived in my slippers for most of it especially after the lady arrived but I seem to have no shoes this year! I have several requirements-they must be comfortable and practical-no stilettos here! They need to be flexible so can be worn with many different outfits and they need to have a certain something to them, I do like a metallic or self patterned shoe. Oh, and budget friendly also. That’s not asking too much is it?!
seed heritage amber sneakers in rose gold $59.95

therapy Breton shoes in leopard $39.95

spurr Amy gusset boot in black via The Iconic $49.95
Now, what is the best way to sneak these into the wardrobe without hubs noticing??!

meal plan 28/2014

finally have a meal plan sorted for the week (or so) ahead, yay! trying to incorporate more fish is quite tricky as I only have a few recipes that I use regularly, and that work for the kiddies so mixing it up to keep it from getting boring is tricky. anyways, incorporated I have and there are 4 fish meals in the 9 I have planned. hello omega 3 and all those good fishy proteins and nutrients! have used quite a few recipes from the healthy chef.

Saturday: tomato fish & baked potato/sweet potato/carrot chips

Sunday: family dinner- no cooking!!

Monday: beef stroganoff with greens

Tuesday: fish cakes with fennel salad

Wednesday: roasted salmon with a herb crust & roasted tomatoes & greens

Thursday: minestrone

Friday: salmon risotto (this uses the leftover roasted salmon from Wednesday night)

Saturday: stuffed eggplants

Sunday: beef, blackbean & pumpkin burritos…recipe adapted from a coles recipe (can’t find the link)

other baking/cooking:

  • chia seed puddings
  • bircher muesli
  • biscuits
  • cheesecake

whats happening in your kitchen?


black skinnies

who has a pair of black skinny jeans? who has a GOOD pair? are they ripped or not ripped?Β given I have never really “done” skinnies before am I better off getting a cheap pair/s to see if I like them first? questions, questions, too much too early on this very crisp morning huh?!

Β 058030100_1

levi’s curve id black skinnies $110

these look amazing & everyone I know that has curve id jeans loves them, but…should I embrace a cheaper option first off just to check? and cos I want to be all Erin Maxwell of Love Shop Share like and have a rip across the knees, I don’t want to spend too much. if you follow her on instagram (@ejmaxwell)Β you will know she gets great mileage out of her jeans.


target modern slim leg jeans $30


asos ankle grazer jeans $47


cotton on knee rip jean $49.95


glassons skinny jean $39.95

which ones do you think? can you recommend any others?

Meal Plan 27/2014

its been a while in between published meal plans huh?! #lazy but planning i have been, following through…not so much. there have been plenty of late nights, activities, unwell/tired family members that have meant we’ve been calling the pizza and indian takeaways more than i would like the past couple of months. especially given both hubby and i are trying to lose some weight! anyways, onwards and upwards to healthier meals and more organisation by me. weeks where i spend a solid afternoon in the kitchen pre-preparing meals always go so much more smoothly for me/us, i really need to get into the habit of doing this regularly.

onto our menu…i will post these recipes daily on facebook too along with our critique (very masterchef like) of the meal afterwards :-)

Friday: hubby & i are going out to enjoy a French 3 course dinner which was a Christmas gift so the kiddies & their aunty can have a sneaky pizza ;-)

Saturday: beef tikka marsala (supermarket packet sauce)

sunday:Β pork with cider & cream when i buy a roast, i generally buy it big enough to provide two meals, they are great budget cuts and the leftovers make for some yummy pies

Monday: beef & beer casserole YUMMMMMMMM!!!!

Tuesday: leftover roast pork pies…bit of pastry, filled with the leftovers & a good splash of gravy = quick, easy, tasty dinner!

Wednesday: stuffed capsicums with cous cous ….token vegetarian meal for the week. normally i try to fit in but have opted for a fish dinner over another vegetarian

Thursday: baked fish with tomatoes & olives super easy dinner but also super tasty!

on the baking & other cooking front:

  • bircher muesli-loved by the whole fam!
  • yoghurt-yep, I’ve started making my own-super satisfying!
  • jam slice
  • rice pudding

enjoy your weekend and week ahead! xx

rewarding yourself

how often do you reward yourself? or indeed do you ever reward yourself?

i reward myself daily. mostly with coffee. one for actually making it out of bed in the morning and one after i make it through the morning flurry of getting 3 kiddies up, dressed, fed and out the door to school and kinder…and sometimes once more, just cos i can ;-) sometimes, although we are really trying not to so much any more, hubby and i tuck into the chocolate as a reward for making it through the day. days are long, the kids are hectic, tempers are short…this all means we need chocolate in order to soothe our souls, or at least that is our excuse! ha ha! we have cut down a lot though the past two weeks which is good for the waistline…we are just eating the dark stuff now ;-)

today i texted my best gal with a pair of pants i love and want but am not going to buy until i reach my weight loss goal. this is them:

Splice front jogger

splice front jogger from sussan $89.95

got me to thinking…i have a few goals…perhaps as i am never very good at sticking at things i will make a visual goal and reward board that i can see daily and once i achieve (and achieve i will!) each milestone, i can treat myself to something substantial. or should sleep, weightloss, fitness and a career directionΒ be enough????? what do you do when you achieve a goal? pat on the back or an actual treat? xx