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  • #frockoffovca Frocks Week 2


    It’s officially past the halfway point of Frocktober, yassss!!! This Melbourne weather is not being particularly kind to me in my frocking endeavours. 90% of the frocks that have been donated are Spring/Summer appropriate, not so much for this wintery weather Melbs is producing. And the wind!!!!!! So frocking unfriendly to frocks! Having Marilyn moments […]

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  • Why I Want To #frockoffovca


    It’s Day 13 of Frocktober 2016 and I’ve worn 15 frocks thus far. All of them donated by brilliant businesses, big and small, for me to wear and then auction off to raise money for the OCRF. The OCRF? The Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation. Who are they and what do they do? Ovarian cancer is […]