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winning wednesday #1

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our girls <3

our girls <3

if you follow my blog on social media or are a friend of mine or hubby’s, you will know we recently had a photo shoot done of our three babes by the amazing Amy of Amy Sayle Photography. I cannot pick a fave pic from all the gorgeous shots, but these are a couple of my top 20! (I really am struggling to narrow down my faves I tell you!)

little man <3

our biggest babe


our little man

Amy managed to catch the personalities of the big two perfectly (Anna slept through most of the shoot of course!) despite it being the first time they had all met. In fact it was the first time I had seen Amy in years, we went to high school together but had rarely seen each other outside of Facebook since. She put everyone at ease with her gorgeous personality and being a mumma of four had exactly the right tactics, tricks and above all patience to capture our babes beautifully.

Amy Sayle Photography is a new venture for this lovely lady and boy is she doing it well! She has a true passion for taking pics and it shows in her work. Amy has generously offered up a half price shoot to a lucky reader of my blog!!!! Normally $180, you can win a session with Amy for just $90 with pics on cd afterwards for you to keep forever. What an awesome deal to capture those babes in your life, whether it be yourself, you and your partner, your kiddies, pets etc.

important bits: Amy is based in Balnarring on the Mornington Peninsula so you must either live on the Morn Pen, nearby or be willing to travel! Must be booked within two months as well or at Amy’s discretion. All other T&C’s are as shown on competition entry form.

Good luck & get entering!!!!!

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Top 5 Tuesday #1

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These are my favourite 5 things for this week! In no particular order…
1. Cadbury’s Marvellous Creations chocolate & ice-creams…hard to say which I like better. The popping candy and clinker varieties are definitely my faves though ๐Ÿ˜‹

2. The River Island Classic Fedora in pink $44.95 via The Iconic

3. Coloured tassel towels from Celia Lindsell ยฃ35 for the bath sheet

4. Faux fur vest $199 via Country Road

5. Soup weather! Potato & leek soup, yum!


Magnificent Monday #2

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Goodness I was lazy with my gratefuls last week. My excuse-school/kinder holidays. The kiddies have worn me out/down somewhat although the week has had many gorgeous highlights. I went to my first ever kiddy concert-The Wiggles. Hubby has been to them all previously and I would say he can keep that going-it was bedlam!!!! The big kiddies then had a sleepover at their nanas and this time Alex didn’t come home, phew! The time away definitely helps to make the heart grow fonder after being cooped up with too much energy for a week due to colds and crappy weather. Anyways, he stayed at his nanas after I picked Ella up and us girls hit the local trampoline centre for a birthday party of school friends. It was, of course, totally nutso being school holidays but the kids had a brilliant time as did the mums coffee’ing and nattering upstairs in the cafe! Wednesday was a play date at the play centre up the road and more mumma chats. Thursday, Easter bonnet making with some of the school gang as well as some sneaky bubbles in the sun and talking about everything under the sun! Including, very importantly, the Real Housewives of Melbourne! Who else is on board this marvelous, marvelous show?!
The long weekend has been a combination of entertaining and far too much food. Absolutely what a long weekend should be really!
So as I sit back and think over this week, I am very grateful for the zillion high points. Sure I have been driven bonkers by the kids at times but that is far, far outweighed by the fabulousness of the family and friends we have in our lives and the great times we have shared both this week and for ever. May the good times continue always xx #forevergrateful

Magnificent Monday #1

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I’ve made a vow to myself to get back into my blog properly. I really dislike how lazy I’ve been on this front the past few months…I know it doesn’t really affect or bother anyone if I’m not posting regularly but it does bother me. My little blog is my thang. It is an outlet, an expression of self, it gives me time that is my time, I share, I search for stuff I like and think others will too and I just love my blog. Even though it hasn’t been shown much love of late. This is going to change. I’m slowly getting into the groove that is three babes, one of whom is at school, another at kinder and one still teeny. Instead of having more time I’m finding I have less yet I have more to do! I have no idea how others do it! Hints and tips anyone??!!
Anyways, at the start of the year I started posting a daily grateful on my Facebook page, here , whilst I haven’t managed to do them every single day I’m not doing too badly. Mondays will be a roundup of these gratefuls plus anything else I consider magnificent and worth sharing.

Love this blush so so much, rates right up there with coffee for making me happy!
* On a 2 but what clearly should have been a 3 coffee day, this happy doll, my new blush & catching up with family made my day a goodie
* Grateful for a day out of the house today, catching up with friends, good chats, coffee, watching the kiddies all play happily together. Am hoping all the activity will mean Saturday sleepins…but not getting my hopes up there is, after all, coffee
* My meal plans may have gone a bit askew of late *such is life* but I’m putting together some yummy menus for the Easter weekend
* Yay to hubby for doing the garage today finally ha ha! Was one of those jobs we kept putting off doing despite hating the state it was in. Finally stuff is stashed appropriately & we have room to store stuff & move! Whoop whoop!!
Lots of mentions of coffee this week…it has been a very tiring week with the cherubs that’s for sure. Am starting the fox in flats latest challenge, the 7 day hair dare, tomorrow. A different hair style each day for 7 (duh) days.

Hashtag #FoxInFlatsHairDare
Is anyone else stuck in the ponytail/messy bun rut? Or is it just me?! ๐Ÿ˜ณ join in and tag me in your pics @lifelovesandliz so I can see your ‘dos!
Have a fabulous start to the week x

Barbie the Pearl Princess

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If you have seen any toy catalogue of late you will have noticed that Barbie is currently starting in a new adventure- “Barbie the Pearl Princess”.

Barbie stars as a young mermaid who lives with her aunt. She has special powers to transform and make magic with pearls. When her aunt is invited to help at the royal castle but forgets her invitation, Lumina follows after her aunt despite warnings to never go out alone. She meets new friends, has adventures and discovers the secrets and scandal that surround her past. There are as always the handsome prince, some great songs to sing along to, beautiful costumes and a story that ends in a smile. Barbie the Pearl Princess is available on DVD now and is just perfect for the upcoming school holidays-gather your Barbie enthusiasts (in our house it’s both Miss 5 & Master 4!), their friends and some popcorn and have a Barbie play date! I know we definitely will be doing this! Although, Ella has actually seen the movie already….
We were amazingly lucky and were invited by Little Melbourne (which as an aside is your go to guide if you have children-or even grandkids, nieces or nephews and live in greater Melbourne) to attend the launch party of Barbie the Pearl Princess on the infamous Fox FM rooftop! Not quite sure who was more excited about the party, Ella or I! We skipped out of school a little early this particular Thursday, came home, got dolled up-as you do when you are meeting Barbie and headed off.

These were the outfits I picked out for the girls!!! How cute were they?!!!!
Anyways, we got to the Fox FM studios, jumped in the lift and headed up, we stepped out and immediately knew we were in the right spot-there was a pink, sequined curtain swept to the side and a hot, Barbie pink carpet on which to enter the party because Barbie doesn’t do a red carpet, she does pink! We met Barbie just seconds after stepping onto the carpet which was possibly one of the biggest thrills of Ella’s life, “see mum, I knew Barbie was real! I told you that didn’t I?”!!!

Barbie was everything you ever imagined she would be-gorgeous, gracious, extremely Princess like and more than happy to pose for 500 pics and a cuddle for some very excited young folk! As more people came in, we left Barbie to greet her new guests and continued on down the pink carpet. At the end was (naturally!) a Barbie salon; here some gorgeous fairies were face painting, nail painting and hair chalking. As Ella had her hair up we just took advantage of the first two and got some pink sparkly nails and some “makeup” ๐Ÿ˜œ

After getting glammed up, we moved on where I was offered the choice of an espresso martini or a piccolo of pink (it was a Barbie party after all!) moscato and Ella got some Barbie water. How brilliant that the adults were catered for in this way?!! And if I hadn’t been driving I may have indulged in a martini or two!! We checked out the lolly buffet full of, you guessed it pink lollies then sat down and took all this Barbie’ness in. It was absolutely amazing. Everything was so gorgeously Barbie and pink and with all the excited little ladies (& a couple of little men) it was truly a sight to behold. Of course the view from the rooftop was nothing to sneeze at either and Melbourne thankfully had opted to put on a beautifully sunny afternoon for us all. After a brief refreshment we popped over to the photo booth, picked some props and jumped in:

After some canapรฉs and chit chat the small peoples were ushered in to the cinema which was full of little people sized pink and white seats all with snack boxes and water on them and a popcorn man in the corner handing out the yummiest smelling popcorn to all the attendees. There was no room for parents to stay, it was strictly a kids only preview so after settling our babes in we all trooped back out to the sunshine and cocktails! The movie was over before we knew it-that sunshine was really good and all the big people were having a fab time chatting and enjoying themselves. The little cuties all filed out and were invited to pick either a Barbie show bag or a Barbie the Pearl Princess doll. We opted for the show bag and it was a great choice! Filled to the brim with many many pink Barbie goodies that every little girl needs!

With a quick squeeze goodbye from Barbie;

we were off! We had an absolutely brilliant time. It was the most perfect girly, Barbie afternoon you could ever have imagined. Everything was just so pink and Barbie-every Barbie lovers dream party! With many, many thanks to Little Melbourne for the invite, Fox FM for the ultimate venue and party and to everyone who helped pull it all together and of course Barbie who was the star attraction and made Ella the happiest little girl on the planet! It was all so fabulous โค๏ธ


Meals 13/2014

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What a crazy crazy year this has been so far. I keep hoping it will slow down but I know it will only get busier so I need to get more organised. Although I always meal plan for the week ahead, it doesn’t always pan out that way. Family members get sick, things pop up and suddenly the pizza shop is number one in your most called list! Tasty but not really the healthiest option ๐Ÿ˜ With one week to go before school holidays (yay!) and plenty on the calendar, I’m determined to be super organised…or just a little more organised than I generally am anyways!
1. Footy pies & potato gems-after a hectic week & our team playing footy last night I opted for an extremely nutritious dinner (not!) of frozen foods. Filled the tummy if nothing else!
2. Fish pie-hubby is competing in a triathlon tomorrow so I want to fill him up with good healthy food-my fish pie fills that brief!
3. Chorizo meatballs & some sort of rice accompaniment…really thought this through…! Perhaps even parsley potatoes?
4. Schnitzels & sweet potato mash
5. Slow cooked goulash (one of Anna’s faves!)
6. Roast lamb-not sure what night I actually have time to do this but anyways ๐Ÿ˜
7. Tuna quiche
I haven’t assigned actual days to each of these meals yet, will see how the week plays out but plan to pre-prepare as much as I possibly can over the next few days to make the rest of the week slightly easier.
Stay tuned this week for a guest post from my gorgeous friend Tuula, the owner of TP Make-up Artistry, she launches her new make-up range to compliment her established make-up artistry business this April. She has some super skin tips and some great opening specials, yay!!!


Introducing: Lu La La Beauty Therapy

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Last week I toddled off around the corner to meet the lovely Lucy of Lu La La Beauty Therapy. After a false start, and by that I mean a lack of attention on my behalf which meant I went to the wrong house, I arrived at her home from where she runs her business. Lu La La is a gorgeously feminine space, it looks beautiful, smells fabulous and is super calming and relaxing.

Having completed both her certificate and diploma of beauty therapy at the prestigious Elly Lukas school and then working at a few top companies means Lucy really knows her stuff. She is committed to providing a wonderful experience that ensures her clients come back time and time again. Having been brought up eating organically and using organic products, Lucy has carried this organic focus into her business and uses and sells Sanctum products. She will soon be stocking the male and baby ranges of this brand as well ( I can see hubby booking in then!).
These are copies of her treatment menu:


As you can see, Lu La La Beauty Therapy is extremely well priced and with a fab sweetner of 25% off your first treatment (conditions apply) and monthly specials posted on Facebook-for the month of March, you will receive a complimentary eyebrow or lip wax with any facial booking, there is simply no reason not to book in! I’m tossing up between the head to toe treatment and the invigorating salt scrub & skin drink…!! Let me know what you pick! xx


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