pendant lights

i LOVE pendant lights…the trend for downlights sends me insane (despite the fact we have a multitude within our house) as they have no individuality, i know they are practical but if i could use more pendants i would in a flash! a quick looksee on throws up some amazing shades, i’m not sure how confident i would be purchasing some of them but just to look at they are gorgeous!

RESERVED for Lightresearch -  Custom Light $52

Three Tier Wedding Cake - Ball Mason Jar Hanging Swag Chandelier - Eco Friendly Event Accessories - Original BootsNGus Design $257

Vintage Machine Age Clip Cage Light w/ Red Color Cord $89

Large Bubble Chandelier by PELLE $606

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One thought on “pendant lights

  1. Roxanne says:

    Wow!! I love the jar chandelier!! I was checking it out and it looks awesome! I’d worry about the globe overheating the glass though?…….

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