blingin’ ears!

i’m not a huge jewellery fan…i love looking at bling but very rarely wear anything other than my wedding & engagement rings and a gold necklace and if i’m going out i generally pop some earrings on. now my babes are past the earring pulling stage of life i can once again buy some blingin’ jewels for my ears! rather than expensive bling, i’m all about the costume jewels :-) that way once my current obsession is over i can easily justify new earrings. and when i say easily, i mean easily as my numerous stashed earring boxes will testify! i have just two pairs of earrings that i’ve had for years and wear constantly, most pics of me over the years will show one of these pairs,


kenneth jay lane bamboo hoops        tilkah moonrock studs in rose

however, my latest obsession which i’ll no doubt indulge in are ear cuffs…

Gold Hearts and Wings Double Chain Ear Cuff (Pair) $9.85 $17.30

 Hamsa Gold Chain Ear Cuff

as you can see, all the cool kids are wearing them ;-)

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