toilet rolls & egg cartons

one thing having a family means is lots of empty toilet rolls and egg cartons. we used to have chooks so didn’t really have the issue of a build up of empty cartons but since we moved we are back to buying eggs, thus a million (well not quite but several nevertheless) empties. and with the advent of a small person having been toilet trained we know go through twice as much toilet paper and have a lot of empty rolls that get discarded. i know kinders and child care centre use both these items to make crafty type things with kidlets so i thought i would look into what the kids and i could make with all our empties!

these toilet paper roll blooms are very cute and simple and ella is sure to love making them! they are also simple enough for alex to help/join in with.

these butterflies are a bit more complex so more ella’s age and upwards but the i’m sure alex would like to help decorate the paper whilst i cut and glue for him

not particularly seasonally appropriate but def an idea to keep in mind for later in the year, this advent calendar is a great idea to do with the kids & looks cute against a bare wall too!

when it comes to egg carton crafts, the ideas are just as limitless!


egg carton caterpillars are as old as the hills but their awesomeness is loved by every generation! ella had a hungry caterpillar party last year and i painted a pile of these for the kiddies to decorate with glitter, boogly eyes, pipe cleaners, pom poms etc


these flower fairy lights might not technically be a kiddie craft but they would sure look cute in any girls room!


this egg carton planter idea is probably even older than the caterpillar but pleases just as much!

do you have any interesting ideas of things to do with toilet rolls or egg cartons??? these ideas are not even the tip of the iceberg when it comes to things to do with these items. there are soooooo many great ideas out there for kids of all ages (and adults!), go forth and craft peoples!!!

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