Embroidered dress #frocktober day 2

Day 2….sun shining in Melbourne, pretty springlike dress needed. Cue Little Tienda. Em, the owner of Little Tienda, is a long time supporter of #frocktober, sponsoring Lexi of Potty Mouth Mama for the past four years, adding in myself this year as well as donating 10% of all sales throughout October to OCRF. She is a total superstar! Em sources her stunning pieces from Mexico, supporting fair trade, ensuring through her support of these local artisans that communities thrive. I bought my first dress from her last year and it is just beautiful. Dressed up or down, it is seriously stylish and comfortable, and perfect to throw on after your spray tan ? Pop over to her site and check out her fab range. Support small Australian business, support Fair Trade, support Mexican communities, support OCRF and support the awesome work Em does in the community small and large.

Please note, I am clearly no good at taking selfies…the kids are no better at taking pics cos they just want to be in them and hubby allows one shot which is never enough so these photos are far from perfect but I hope they show just how pretty this dress is ❤️

My phone screen is smashed so anything I take has this sepia like quality to it ? great for blurring the lines, bad for colours 

Salt water is the cure for everything, be it via the beach or tears…I took the beach option today and feel much better, the kids played with friends we bumped into and got rid of some energy (thank goodness, cannot wait for school on Monday!!!!) and I had a lovely gal chat and put my tootsies in the lovely lovely water wearing my pretty frock and things have improved considerably!

Trying out the self timer….I get approximately 2 seconds to get in a shot before the kids jump into frame. How cute is the gigantic flower on my head? Target my friends! Bit of fun and Ella is eagerly awaiting her turn ?

 Thought this would be fab pic spot…unfortunately the kids thought it was a fun spot too….I give up!!!!!! How good is the chair? Needs a bit of a spray but I got it for a steal, and when I say steal, I mean $2.50…a peacock chair in fab condition for $2.50-you jealous?!!!

Anywho, pics aside, here is the link to this devine frock, Senora Las Flores, available in a range of colours, $129. For an investment piece, this is an absolute steal. You will wear it all year round, dressed up, dressed down, for brunch with the girls, for dinner with the lover, basically everywhere!