The frock with the horrific name #frocktober day 14

i started my day off quite happily wearing a sheer maxi shirt dress (with a singlet and shorts underneath for modesty’s sake) I got a little while ago from SheIn. It’s khaki, perfect length, a little snug around the upper arm region (really need to get to pump more) but apart from that, fits and looks great and upon getting to school drop offi gor quite a few compliments. I had shared the link for the dress to another mum when I first wore the dress so thought I’ll  just pop over to her FB page where I had shared it, copy the link and post both here and on my own FB page. Little did I know, the dress instead of having a girls name or some pretty name, it actually has quite a shocking title. I’m assuming their grasp of the English language perhaps isn’t quite what it should be and sheer would be a much better descriptor but feel free to click through and see what sort of dress I was swanning around in today. I will call it Maxi shirt dress for politeness, be warned its maybe NSFW to click on, wait till home. It is $23 odd dollars so I will be able to move past the name for bargains sake, and cos it looks good, but mebbeh I will contact them and offer to help out with naming their dresses ? I’m thinking Deliah would be quite nice, perhaps even Sally would suit, but definitely not $?!&@” !!!!!

This is their pic; 

This is me being all model life posey ??;  

Let me know what you think of the name!!!!!