Spend & Save at Bohemian Traders!

It’s excitingly that time again….! Time to spend and save at Bohemian Traders. Just in time too I say, heading into Summer in only a couple of weeks time. And Christmas, New Years, (my birthday…just saying!) and all the functions and festivities they entail just around the corner. 


There are soooooooo many pretties I want to pop into my shopping cart but showing some restraint, these are my two purchase options (using the spend $300, save $100 option)….

Option 1:


  1. Wanderlust Wrap $89
  2. Gingham Folk Smock $139
  3. Lounge Skirt $79

These three come to just $207 with the $100 discount & will get so much wear as they are super versatile pieces.

Option 2:


  1. Straight Sequin Skirt $159
  2. Wanderlust Holiday Dress $109
  3. Rope Belt $39

This group also totals $207! Am obsessed with the sequin skirt and the wanderlust pattern. The rope belt will go with so many things I already own which is fab.

What is in your Bohemian Traders shopping cart?????

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