Fave Summer Beauty Products

I’m fairly lazy in the whole beauty and cosmetics department but I do have several favourite products most of which come from either my monthly BellaBox delivery or my good friend Tuula who is the founder of Tuuli Cosmetics. Heading into summer the tanning and associated products top the fave list, as do a couple of bright lippies and a bronzer. Without further ado, these are my top 5 faves…

1. Dr Roebuck’s Pure, a hypoallergenic ultra moisturising solution for sensitive skinned peeps $44.95. It boasts just 7 ingredients & is Australian which makes me happy happy!!! And my skin is in love with it ❤️  

2. The Base Gradual Tanning Lotion, one of my fave gradual tanners ever and from the mega babe herself, Lara Worthington which gives it extra props ? $29  

3. Tuuli Cosmetics Creme Lips in Flirty, a long lasting, lip softening semi matte lippy  in uber cool fuschia ? $32  

4. ModelCo exfoliant wipes which double as self tanning removers ✔️✔️ $13 or just $6.50 at coles this week!!!! These are fab at giving the pins a bit of a pre tan scrub whilst removing remnants of last week’s tan.  

5. Aesop rejuvenate intensive body balm, this would have to be my most favouritest body product in the entire world with the scents of tangerine rind, vanilla & sandalwood $37. It is so rich, luxurious and smells absolutely devine, it’s on my Santa list every single year!  

These five products are my essentials. I love them and although I stray at times and try other, similar products, I always return to these. They are just fabulous dahling! Next week, the 5 new products I’m loving/wanting to try. What are your summer essentials? xx