The 4 beach towels you need this summer ☀️

I have a thing for beach towels. I fulfill this need by buying them for everyone in our family…each year. As a result we all have quite the collection thus far, yet there are still more I feel are necessary in my life. We live across the road from the beach so spend quite a bit of time there over the warmer months, enough so that I roll with two gigantic beach bags that are fully stocked and ready to go for those days we go twice or when we go a night and then the next morning. Then there are the towels for playing around and lounging in the sun at home on. For me there are 4 main types that all have their place in my life…and yours too.

  1. The original cotton toweling towel. These must have a fabulous pattern, be oversized and thick. Poor quality will not be tolerated! I got a fab one from the Missoni for Target collection last year that I love however hubby also likes to steal it for swim training so I have my eye on this beauty;   

Kip & co Hammam Beach Towel $99.95

This kind of towel comes into its own when we have the tent at the beach as two of these fit perfectly inside so one can have a little rest while the kids are playing & hubs is on watch.

2. The cotton toweling ROUND towel. If you haven’t gotten into the round towel craze, you must. They look amaze on the beach & are great to wrap up in. Mr Round is a new little company and you know how we are all about supporting small and local here at Life, Loves & Liz!

Bondi’s Finest $89.95 classic colour and pattern combo ✔️✔️
The round towel is perfect for the non tent beach visit, as it’s made for public viewing! It is also fab when it’s just you and a little person or someone who doesn’t take up much room…or perhaps when it’s you and your love having a twilight snuggle ?

3. The Turkish towel. The towel to have when you are traveling, or an impromptu beach visit as it takes up very little room in your bag so if you’re unsure of plans you can pack this little gem and be prepared for anything. ?

Knotty Colourblock in Bronte $42 (awesome range of colours & patterns) They dry quickly, can be used for a multitude of purposes-towel, sarong, oversized scarf, baby wrap and are fab for holidays as they take up next to no room in your bag or suitcase.

4. The round Turkish towel. Sissi have these uber pretty roundies made in Turkey using cotton looms and the cotton is gorgeously soft and absorbent and only gets better with use!

Zesty Lemon Turkish Roundie $69.95 
Beach towel, picnic blanket, wrap, baby swaddle…you name it, this baby can do it!
What is your fave type of towel??? Do you have any fabulous finds I should know about?! xx