Dr Roebuck’s & me

Several months ago I received a sample of Dr Roebuck’s PURE in my BellaBox. It was love at first application! I eeked out that little sample pot for as long as possible loving the way my skin reacted, or rather didn’t react to this product. I finally dragged myself down to Priceline to purchase a tub and have been applying constantly and loving my skin sick ?

Whilst you can read the story of Dr Roebuck’s here, the important bits for me are:

  • Australian owned
  • Australian made
  • All natural

PURE is a beautifully calming and hydrating face “balm” (as I refer to it!), perfect for peeps with sensitive skin, dry skin, damaged skin, reactive skin, well any skin really including baby’s skin! It is thicker than your normal face cream but absorbs amazingly well leaving no greasy residue. I cannot rave enough about it and recommend it to anyone who will listen!  

The tub lasts for ages too!

The gorgeous Zoe, one half of the twins at the helm of Dr Roebuck’s, recently contacted me asking if she could send some of their new product CLEANSE my way seeing as I love PURE so much, and of course I said yes! Nb. This was not sent for any other reason than pure kindness, I was not under any obligation to blog, post, comment etc about this product so this post is purely because I adore these products and after 36 (nearly 37!) years, finding products that suit your skin perfectly is worth publicly celebrating!!!

Back to CLEANSE, the newest product to the Dr Roebuck’s stable. I’ve never used a cleanser like this…it is truly the baby bear of cleansers for me. It leaves no tight, dry feeling, nor does it make you feel like you haven’t cleansed properly and need to double up. I don’t know how else to describe it but it leaves your skin feeling like, well happy skin. As Goldilocks said, it’s just right! It’s hydrating whilst cleansing your skin effectively.

If you, like me, have sensitive skin, dry skin, or just love the idea of an Australian made and owned all natural product, I definitely recommend taking Dr Roebuck’s for a test run, my skin has never been calmer and happier, hence so have I! xxx