Bathroom, shopping

$150 ensuite makeover 

I hope you all had a brilliant Christmas and overindulged just a little! We sure did ? Today as I lie in bed with my sick little man, I’m compiling shopping lists for all those things I’ve wanted to buy and not gotten around to but will definitely get now as SALES people and plenty of them! I have out ensuite in my sights, I need storage, towels and something pretty all for under $150…can I do it?? 

  Copper shower caddy $17.49 from Freedom
  Nevada hand towel $6.49 from Freedom
  Lemon beauty vine $13.39 from Freedom
  Small home plant $8 from Typo
  Grandeur bath sheet 2 for $30 from Target

 Blue stripe bath towel $12 each from Kmart (x2)

  Honeycomb bathmat $10 from Kmart
   Soap dispenser in copper $24.95 from Freedom
  Geometric pot $6 from Kmart
 Prism terrarium $8 from Kmart

ALL this for $148.32!!!! Woo hoo!!! Look out ensuite, soon you will be pretty ❤️❤️