Scrubbing with Soapy Sweets!

  I recently came across Soapy Sweets whilst whiling away the hours on Instagram as one does during the summer hols. I was sucked in by the delicious sounding Espresso-a-go-go sugar scrub with its hints of chocolate and mint…as if the coffee wasn’t enough to get my attention! To cut a long story short, I said hey, Ramona said hey, would you like to try one and have a few more to give away to lucky girls (or guys) in your gang! Brilliant!!!!  
 Before we go any further, here are the facts about Soapy Sweets products…

Their products are all handmade in Cable Beach…surely the location alone means they will be great. One of their signature ingredients is Kakadu Plum extract, which contains the highest concentration of Vitamin C of any fruit or vegetable – and it’s so good for your skin. The formulation is so unique that the scrub actually turns into a moisturiser once you add water. So you can cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise by just using one product. There are absolutely no nasties in Soapy Sweets products and they’re so confident it’s the best sugar scrub on the market that they offer an Ah-MAZING guarantee- that is, if you’re not entirely happy with your sugar scrub they will buy you one from one of their competitors. There’s no other company out there offering such an awesome guarantee! 

My review: I’ve been using my espresso Soapy Sweets for a couple of weeks now and I’m one happy lass! It is unlike any other scrub I’ve tried-and I like a good scrub so have scrubbed with many. It is perhaps the most gentle, least abrasive product I’ve ever scrubbed with, so whilst it feels like it’s not doing much actual “scrubbing”, your skin post use is incredibly soft and moisturised. Here are a couple of pics of me using it the other day *embarrassed giggles*

How glowy am I?!!!! And girls, it is the bestest multi-tasking product I own! When hubs gives you 10 minutes to get ready for a surprise date and you have hairy, dry legs, this baby gets your pins up to scratch in no time!!! Winner winner! And the smell…or scent to be correct, is DEVINE. It is sooooooo good. I literally sniff my skin, in a very non weirdo way for ages after my scrub. It’s not strange at all when you’re out on said date and you’re sitting there sniffing your arm ?? 

So facts and review done, now for the best part-the GIVEAWAY!!!! I have 2 more scrubs to give away, one here and the other later in the week on Instagram (@lifelovesandliz). Comment and tell me what “flavour” Soapy Sweets scrub you would like to try the most. I’ll draw the winner at random on Friday 29th January at 8pm Melbourne time. Good luck & happy scrubbing until then! xx

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  1. I want a surprise date too (not sure if my date will read this) And to try all the flavours.. But maybe coconut and lime. Omg to a multi-tasked in the shower thingy xx

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