That time we went to the Circus!

How was your Australia Day? Yes I’m a day or so late in asking but I care, I really do, how was it? Hopefully as epic as mine! The fam and I were especially lucky to be guests of Silvers Circus for their last show in Mornington. We met up with a couple of other families who had won family passes before the show and made the kiddies pose for a picture! 

They were all a tad excited and so was I to be honest. We filed in taking back row seats like the rebels we are and got our flashing wand. After 2mins of being blinded by them I turned all 3 off…such a fun mum ?

The circus kicked off with the ringmaster in his brilliant red coat and snowballed from there. Dora (the Explorer) made an appearance with a hula hoop number that was amazing and left me saddened about the lack of core strength I possess in comparison! The first half had juggling, a clown, illusionists and the most amazing bicycle act you will ever come across. He had been pumped up (pun intended) in the lead up to the show and I was all “how good can a bike act be?” but he made me eat my words. He had mad bike skills people!!!!! Hubby (who does a fair bit of riding) did not blink so far as I could tell for the entire act he was so impressed with this man!

This turned out to be one of his more basic tricks!!! Definite highlight of the first half for us.

The second half of the show had audience members up on stage with the clown, tightrope tricks, more illusions that even after much discussion we have no idea how they were done as well as my two favourite acts of the circus-the heart in the mouth, the held breath acts-the AWESOME gal with the rings and the motorbikes in the sphere. Now you know the rings the male gymnasts use? Well these ones were suspended from the top of the big top, i.e.way up high. And she had a trick or two to do on them! Splits every which way, flips, spins, you name a terrifying stunt that can be done and she had it nailed and then some. And the end trick, well the entire audience was holding its collective breath until she made it and there was a huge group sigh of relief as she skillfully did! If that had been the only act of the circus I would have still loved it-she was fantastic!  

 The last act were the motorbikes. This was the act every parent was telling their child on the way out they were not to try at home!!! Except for my husband, he was planning how he could build the sphere and how he and the kids would do the tricks on their push bikes. Unhappy mumma! Anyways, the first bike came out and did his brilliant thing. I held my breath until he stopped…but then he was joined by another, held breath again. They did their thing, then were joined by a third member! Talk about skills!! Three bikes in a sphere all going at warp speed, wowzers! Sadly, even had I been allowed to take pics I don’t think I could have moved from statue position to do so! 

Like I said, we caught the last show at Mornington, they have now moved to Sandown Park Hotel, Noble Park. From their they move to Bayswater, Southland and Knox. Tickets can be purchased here. We as a family loved it and cannot recommend it enough. Am considering treating the fam to another show soon. Was such a great family outing, especially on such a special day as Australia Day. Have you been to Silvers or any other circus of late? If not, you should! xx