Valentine’s Day/Date Night attire <3

Valentine’s Day. The day that divides. You will fall into one of four camps, loved up and celebrating, loved up and not celebrating (either your choice, your partner’s or mutual), not loved up but celebrate with the gals/guys/both or a non loved up, non celebrating Valentine’s hating grinchy type!!! I’m the second category; loved up but husb doesn’t “do” Valentine’s Day. Me, I don’t buy into the whole commercial, gimicky side of it, but it is a good excuse for a date, and when you have 3 kids you need all the excuses you can get!! It is also a fab excuse to update the lingerie drawer, get a new frock, heels and some cute bits and pieces for the boudoir 😉

I’ve recently been invited to a couple of Intimo parties…contrary to what the husband thought was going to be available for purchase (i’ll let you guess where his thoughts had headed!), I’m now the proud owner of two gorgeous, properly fitted bras and a cami bra. Post 3rd bub, whom i fed for 26months, i had been dagging about in cute lacy bralettes which were 12/10 on the comfort and cuteness scales, but quite low down on the support and positioning scales. The girls now sit up where they should be and have a little added emphasis about them thanks to being fitted properly and wearing wires. I was shocked at just how “big” my boobs apparently were! Anywho, have gone wandering far off track there…back to the sexy V.Day knickers and brassieres.

I am a huge fan of black lacy bras, and this one is a fave. Haven’t purchased…as yet….but am fairly sure I need to!

Coco contour bra & knickers with Eleanor kimono robe


Coco contour bra $85 (also in support style)

Coco brief $65 (also in bikini)

Eleanor Kimono Robe $152.50





cleopatra_dreambra_brk.jpg cleopatra_string_brk.jpg

Cleopatra Dream Bra $105

(also in support & contour)

Cleopatra String $35

(also in brief & bikini brief)




These cannot be purchased online (coming later this year though, yay!) or instore…the best way is to contact Jane at & she can organise your purchase or put you in touch with a consultant closer to you.

Once the base (ie.the lingerie) is down pat we can move on to the frock and heels! Hello The Iconic for the most amazing range and fast easy delivery.

M.N.G Keyhole Back                  Atmos&Here Orchard                        by johnny The Olympia

Pencil Dress $49.99                   Lace Dress $89.98                              Dress $140

The Mode Collective                      Pink Inc Azalea Heels                 Sempre Di VAROL $169

Scuba Sandals $79                        (nude) $99.95


With outfit shortlists sorted, I’ll see you tomorrow with some blingy bits and pieces for the home to express your love xx