Spend & Saves

I love a good spend and save. They seem to be gaining in popularity over a plain 20-30% discount. Taking cold hard dollars off your total is infinitely preferable to trying to figure out a percentage off in my book! I’m always so impressed by myself when I score a good spend and save, husby less so, though that could be because I always seem to spend them on things I wouldn’t necessarily buy rather than the things I need. I have no good basic tees but give me a good spend and save and I’ll bring home the best pair of heels and cocktail dress in the land…ie.things I’m likely to only wear once or twice. This year, I fully intend to map out my wardrobe purchases, leaving less to impulse and more to carefully planned buys that will fit seamlessly into my closet and go with a multitude of items for a multitude of occasions. (AU)

ASOS is my regular go to online shopping destination for basically everything I want or need. If you haven’t looked at ASOS before you have no idea what you are missing out on! They have every single item you could possibly want at every single price point and have the most amazing sales all the time. Their current promotion is my fave SPEND’N’SAVE!!!!

$15 off $100 at ASOS with the code PERF15. Ends 20th February at 4am AEST

$30 off $150 at ASOS with the code PERF30. Ends 20th February at 4am AEST

$50 off $200at ASOS with the code PERF50. Ends 20th February at 4am AEST

My current wishlist looks like this:

Asos Biker Jacket with Structured Shoulder $138

asosbootsDaisy Street Grey Over The Knee Flat Boots $95

asosleatherleggingsAsos Tall Leather Leggings $47