Walking It Out for Ovarian Cancer


This Sunday, 28th February, my hubby, kiddies and I are taking part in the Women’s Cancer Foundation We Can Walk It Out event. We will be doing the 4km walk and there is also a 4 or 8km run. The walk/run takes place at The Tan in Melbourne and is a fundraising and awareness raising event, as well as an event to show your support for those battling Ovarian Cancer or to remember those who have lost their lives to this cancer.

We lost our mum to this horrid, horrid cancer fifteen long years ago. That is nearly half my life I have lived without my mum. In this time, I have met and subsequently married my husband, birthed 3 beautiful babes and grown in every possible way. From a purely selfish point of view, for me this has meant growing as a woman and as a mum without a mum of my own to turn to and guide me. Learning to be a mum is no mean feat and without that all important resource I’m like a ship out at sea with no captain and the first mate winging it as best he can. None of our partners or babies will ever get to meet the woman who shaped us and loved and cared for us as we grew from babies into young adults. And this is perhaps my biggest fear in life, developing this disease and not being there for my own babies as I know the void it has left in my life. I have my stand in mums and a fabulous network of friends to turn to, and believe me they are all AH-MAZING but they aren’t my own mum. With all that messily garbled and said, at the end of the day I am on a mission to:

  • Raise much needed funding into research. It sucks there is no early detection test for this cancer and only vague signs so by the time (as happened with mum) most women go to the dr’s it is often too late. Pap smears do not detect this cancer so we need to work towards developing a test that will catch it early on.
  • Raise awareness in the community as to signs and symptoms of this cancer. Knowledge is Power.
  • Prevent this cancer occurring when there is familial history. I would love for there to be a registery for those with familial history so they can be screened more frequently to prevent this cancer taking hold.

The OCRF website is a great place to start for information either about this cancer or finding out about fundraising events. The Women’s Cancer Foundation site is another fabulous resource. It is the WCF who are hosting the We Can Walk It Out event. If you are in or around Melbourne and would like to take part, please click here and sign up. Join our team “Frock Ovarian Cancer Off”, start your own team or do it as an individual. If you aren’t nearby or are busy but would like to donate you can do so here. I would love to raise $500 to kickstart my goal of $3000 for the year.