Recreating the Blogger – outfit post #1

Welcome to the first in a new series of mine, Recreating the Blogger, whereby I recreate an outfit seen on a fashion blogger fave of mine or just spotted whilst trawling the webs using an item I already own. I find myself wearing the same things, the same way, week in, week out and desperately seek some inspiration on how I can mix it up and wear them in new, exciting ways without the outlay of a whole new outfit. A lot of the time, I have two or even three of the pieces needed to recreate the outfit but just need another piece of two to pull it together and sometimes it is purely just the inspiration I need!

Without further ado, the first recreation inspiration comes from the gorgeous VerenaAnnabella Raffl of Who Is Mocca?, an Austrian fashion blog.


Whilst I’m luuurving the blue of this ensemble, what caught my eye is the similarity of the patterned shirt dress which is super similar to a dress I picked up recently from Bohemian Traders…and is sadly sold out so I can’t get their good product pic of it but this is it, and it is so beautiful in reality <3

BTdressCan you picture this dress in a similar outfit as Verena’s? I definitely can, with some lovely oxblood coloured pieces to compliment the dress. I’ve gone straight to ASOS -Free shipping to Australia for all I need to complete this look.

the coat:

Pimkie Duster Coat via Asos $93

iconthe pant:

Asos Skinny Trouser with Biker Knee Seam $64

the headwear:

(in the original pic I found of this outfit, Verena was sporting a half turban which looked uber ace, however Asos didn’t have one in required colour, buuuuuut they did have this….!)

Liquorish Wool Wide Brim Fedora Hat in burgundy $42 (sale)

iconthe scarf:

Pieces Oversized Chunky Snood Scarf via Asos $19 (sale)

the bag:

Liquorish Cross Body Bag via Asos $53 (sale)

Am loving all these pieces as they will go with a multitude of other already owned pieces so I wouldn’t be buying them just to wear with this one dress. And as with all things Asos, if they aren’t already on sale, they will be soon!!!

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