gold quilted mules luxe vs less

You know when you see a fab pic/look on the world wide web and for some reason don’t save it, then no matter what you search for or where, you can’t find it again? Yeah, well that’s my current situation and I’m annoyed because I really want to share it now! My search will continue though and I will find it eventually and add it to this post for your thoughts but for now a quickie explanation…worn by a super stylish lass at a recent fashion week-either Milan or Paris, though possibly New York but I don’t think so, was a swish skirt paired with black opaques and gold mules. Outrageous you think, well doesn’t sound that way to read but the mules in question were these Gucci Metallic Quilted Leather Mules,


so yes, an open toed shoe paired with tights and a bright swishy skirt! I stared at this pic, unsure whether I liked, loved or loathed and with such indecision kept scrolling through Insta but now I can’t stop thinking about it. I don’t know if I would be fashion brave enough to pull off such a look but I would def wear them sans opaques with a skirt, dress or even the cropped, frayed jeans I featured here. Here’s Solange Knowles at New York Fashion Week showing them off in style…

guccimules1 guccimules2

These beauties will set you back approx.$650AUS which is slightly out of my price range, so I found these pretties over at Asos…

Daisy Street Mule Heeled Sandals in Rose Gold at Asos $63

Slightly lower price point for me which may even get me over the experimental line of wearing with opaques. Would you be brave enough to sport these with tights? Do you even like them at all?! They are very 70’s I feel which is fitting with all the latest styles dropping in the shops at the moment and for a fun night out with the gals or date night with hubs I think they are perfect!