Ripped Skinnies on a budget? Done!

When your best texts you asking for ideas on where to find ripped jeans…

Me: Budget? Skinny or Boyfriend?

Best: Cheapish & Skinny


Rebel Distressed Denim Jean from BirdTree $55 not technically skinny, but I LUUURVE!


Feather and Noise Tash Skinnies $79
Feather and Noise Tash Skinnies $79 Shown here on the gorgeous Hayley of Hails & Shine


Kara Busted Knee Ankle Grazer Jeans by Atmos&Here from The Iconic $69.95

iconBAM!!!! 3 options sent in under 90 seconds!!!! I apparently know my budget ripped skinnies 😉

She sent back: YES! Buying now

I’m still waiting to hear which ones though!! Have you got any awesome budget ripped skinnies you should share with me? xx