When you find THE ONE…skirt that is!

You know that feeling you get when you find an item of clothing that is simply perfect, or practically so…if you weren’t concerned about your husband being all sorts annoying when you wear it?! Well, I’ve found that item, that piece, that skirt. It is all sorts rad and I need it in every colour. It is perfectly perfect, wearable all year round, for all occasions. However it has a zip down the side that is not just a decorative zip and I know exactly what hubs will do if he gets to be on the zip side of me when wearing it :-/ Please tell me I’m not the only one with a husband who feels the need to unzip zips, please??!!!!

Onto “THE ONE”….the Zippy Midi Skirt from Bohemian Traders. It comes in 4 colourways; black, plum, navy & cream stripe and black & white stripe.

Image 1
Zippy Midi Skirt in Black
Zippy Midi Skirt in Plum
Zippy Midi Skirt in Navy & Cream
Image 1
Zippy Midi Skirt in Black & White

See how awesome it is?!!! So completely flattering and versatile and for just $89 it is a bargain for such a great quality wardrobe staple. If you pop over to the site, each skirt is shown on 2 different sized gals and styled differently which gives a great overview of just how fab this piece is. It can be worn with boots-flat or heeled, with sneakers/trainers/runners, with loafers or brogues or with heels and they’re just the shoe options. Start playing with your different top options and you have a skirt that can be worn a multitude of ways. This is most definitely on my Mother’s Day wishlist, hubs, if you’re reading this I don’t mind which colour you pick as I will most likely indulge in a little #treatyoself and grab another colour…or two…or three anyways πŸ˜‰ Also if you happen to choose the plum, I reeeaaallllllllly love the top with it, here is the link to help you…Bohemian Long Sleeved Tee xxx Also also, if you do happen to purchase both these items, you get 5 free plays of the zip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All pics credited to Bohemian Traders with love x