Canisters and Cookies

I got my bake on last night. My ANZAC biscuit bake that is! Whipped up a batch of these Giant ANZAC Biscuits for school, after school, morning tea, pre-bed snack, basically a whenever you pass near the kitchen snack 😉 Followed the recipe to the letter (for once!) and they turned out brilliantly, yay! Given their ‘giantness’, they are the perfect size to stack in a pretty canister to display on the bench. There are so many awesome canisters in the marketplace at the minute, they are definitely the kitchen accessory must have for 2016 and with their low price points are very budget friendly to boot which is always fab! Here are some faves I’ve seen around the place…

Gold Starburst Canister (tall)
Gold Starburst Canister (tall) from Lark $35.95


Black Matte Tall Canister from Jumbled $24.95 they’re slightly canister cray cray at Jumbled & have a HUGE range that you have to check out, every colour, pattern & finish under the sun!


Geometric Canister in white (large) from Mynd Interiors $49.95
Maxwell & Williams Zagora Canister at House $24.95 free shipping for Mother’s Day with code FREESHIP
Mercer + Reid Marble Cannister from Adairs $13.95 as part of their Mother’s Day top picks range, they’ll donate $5 for every purchase to the National Breast Cancer Foundation <3