Recreating the Blogger – outfit #9 cape jacket

This week’s Recreating the Blogger is inspired by the weather of the past few days in Melbourne…aka WINTER. Whilst I love winter fashion, layers are just so much fun to play with, as is snuggling with loved ones, hot coffee and did I mention coats and jackets? The downside of course is the temperature, and the greyness of the sky and the rain ruining hair and not allowing me to plow through my 20 loads of washing a day! Back to the subject at hand, recreating a bloggers outfit using something I already own, and given it’s been around for a few seasons now I’m tipping a few of you own one as well- the cape jacket. That wonderfully cosy hybrid piece that is half big flowy cape and half tailored jacket, meaning it fits in just as well at the kids footy on the weekend as it does in the business world. My inspiration for this look is from Verena of Who Is Mocca?

Remember Verena from my very first Recreating the Blogger outfit post? Here

the inspiration:

This outfit:



combined with the tonal colours of this one:


the cape:

My cape is a camel coloured Shilla one from maybe three years ago? Sadly they don’t have anything similar available at the moment but you can find some fab ones here (luxe) or here (everyday)

the culottes:

How do you feel about culottes? They have oft been discussed with a particular friend of mine who is all “go for it” but I’ve never been 100% sold. I am loving how they are paired with heeled ankle boots, especially in the 2nd inspo pic above-the longer boot. I’ve found a couple of pairs that aren’t too exey to try out so to speak 🙂

Asos Leather Look Structured Culottes in blush at Asos $73 (selected sizes)
Annalie Culotte by Forcast at The Iconic $69.95

the shirt:

I’m loving big, oversized, boyfriend like shirts at the moment. Poppin’ collars, tucking and untucking, layering, they are just fab!

Striped Boyfriend Shirt from Bohemian Traders $119
Sage Stripe Oversized Shirt by Lulu & Rose at The Iconic $79.95

the boots:

I’m obsessed with boots. Spend hours, literally, online stalking and adding to cart but not purchasing (many of them anyways!). I have a fab little pair of tan ankle boots I got from Princess Polly a while ago but I love the longer look of the pair in the 2nd pic. With that in mind…

Billini Tan Suede Envy Boots from Princess Polly $110
Jackie Ankle Boot by Spurr from The Iconic $49.95

the hat:

Are you a hat person? I am a wannabe hat person, every year I buy one or two but never summon up the courage to wear them so they end up going to the Op Shop 🙁 Can someone come out on a hat wearing date with me please?!

Wool Felt Fedora from Glassons $34.99
Pocket Hat by Rhythm at The Iconic $27.99 (sale)

iconWhat do you think of this recreation? I personally love it and can’t wait to purchase culottes and a hat to put it all together! xx