Fri- food and vino -day #2

Β Welcome back to Fri- food and vino -day!


Good deal huh?! $25 welcome credit!!!! Thanks Vinomofo πŸ™‚

Corny song choice huh?! But get it playing, grab a glass of vino and settle in to read Fri- food and vino -day #2. Guess what we’re cooking? The song kinda gives it away I think…Italian? definitely! Spaghetti Bolognese? you guessed it!!! A fave food worldwide but one that is oft debated as to ingredient choices. Beef or a pork/veal mix or even a blend of all three? Then there is the wine- do you add in red or white? And vegetables- kosher or just an easy way to get extra veg into the diet? And as for that extra, secret ingredient to raise your ‘nese above all others- can you believe some peeps add in vegemite, chocolate and Worcestershire sauce?!!!! #shockhorror #cueitalianancestorsturningintheirgraves

Making a good bolognese sauce is a real labor of love. Sure, you could just add some ground beef to a tomato sauce and call it good (and heck, we often do!), but there's a certain irresistible silkiness and a deep, meaty flavor that can really only come from all-day cooking. This is a dish that takes a humble package of ground beef and turns it into something worthy of the finest dinner party. Bolognese is that good.:

Vinomofo have their own bolognese recipe, which I’ve dragged out of the Vinofiles for you: Grange Bolognese

featured image: Jamie Oliver’s Spaghetti Bolognese

So remember Nicci from Vinomofo who gave us some great wines to drink with tapas/spanish flavours last week? Well she’s back with her amazing vino knowledge to share what we should be drinking with our spag bol and using to cook it.

“To wash off the week’s stress and relax into the Italian Mama cooking zone, I’ve chosen a chilled bottle of our own Kinda Independent Arcadia Bohemia Chardonnay made by the groovers at Innocent Bystander in the Yarra Valley. This is a lovely fresh crisp chardy which will awaken the palate ready for the rich bolognese flavours to come. The crispness is perfect for cooking with as well so throw a glass into the pot! The vibrant citrus and grapefruit notes, with lashings of pear and pineapple are perfect to refresh yourself after those onion cutting tears!”

Arcadia Bohemia Yarra Valley Chardonnay 2015 $15/$90 (6)

“Once the sauce has done it’s thing and it’s ready to serve, pour out the main course! Going with one of our Black Market deals today (top secret because it’s too good to be true!). This classy Shiraz is crafted by an award winning cult producer in Mclaren Vale. It’s smooth and plush with lovely soft tannins to complement the rich flavours and an elegant finesse that will not overpower the lovingly blended herbs and spices and meaty goodness of your Spag Bol!”

Black Market Deal Shiraz 2015 $12.50/$150 (12)