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Asian Pork Belly Fri- food & vino -day!

It’s a definite Fri-yay today as Asian Pork Belly is on the menu with the choice of two carefully selected wines!


Pork belly is one of those meals you don’t do often but when you do, you want it to be next level, beyond amazing, as otherwise it can be pretty blah. I recently had some at a restaurant…it was slow cooked so beautifully tender but there was no crisp or crunch to the top so it was all jelly like and fairly disappointing. It is totally necessary, in my opinion, to have the crunch, the crackle on top for the textural element. It raises it from “nice” to “fabulous”! Look how fab this piece looks…Y U M!


Some beautiful traditional Chinese tunes to prep and cook your pork belly to…

Over to Nicci, our resident Vino Expert from Vinomofo:

“You could go two ways with a delicious pork belly treat. If you’re feeling in a white kind of mood, this delightful little Marlborough pinot gris is a fab porky partner. With it’s crisp, fruity notes (apple and pork anyone?!) the slight sweetness counters the Asian flavours nicely while the touch of warming spice accentuates those on your plate.”

asian pork belly match pinot gris
Tiki ‘Single Vineyard’ Pinot Gris 2014 $10.50/$126 (12)


“For the red drinkers, a lighter style is perfect with the piggy. This Friday, I’m renaming our Vinomofo Pinot fave ‘Pork Sauce’. I’m sure the winemaker, Steve, won’t mind! Again some wonderful harmonious spices and a lovely juicy acidity that will help to cut through the decadent pork belly richness and leave you ready for the next bite.”

asian pork belly wine match pinot noir
Duck Sauce Yarra Valley Pinot Noir 2015 $15/$90 (6)

Will asian pork belly be featuring on your menu this week?? I know it will on ours! Who is coming over?! You can get your hands on some pork belly at Coles and at Aussie Farmers Direct

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