Green for Winter

Tanja Gacic, My Empirical Life, knows a thing or two about style and after spotting her in two green ensembles for the recent MBFWA I was all sorts inspired to go green for winter…and not just the wintery khaki that’s on trend either.

Instagram photo by Tanja Gacic • May 18, 2016 at 12:52am UTCmelROMANCEBoth ensembles are Romance Was Born and I couldn’t be more in love with both <3 <3  I’m wanting green things for my ‘drobe, and I’m wanting them now! Ultimately I would go all Lara or Christine and jump straight into their Givenchy Lace up Thigh High Boots but that would require a whole lot of gym attendance, a tattslotto win and a new life…I just don’t see them fitting in for the school run and after school activities 😉 So for now, I’ll nab these far more practical pieces, the heels maybe not so practical but aren’t they gorgeous, and enjoy life being green xx


The rad news I have for you today is that it’s heading into EOFY sales time, everyone is launching their sales over the next few days. I’ve been asked to share the ones below and I’ll more than likely be checking them out tonight. Some mega deals happening there! And apologies if I’m a little bit on the absent side this week and my posts are a bit scattered, we are moving house so I’m in and out with boxes every five minutes! I’ve done 4 loads already today…after several moves I tend to favour the mostly DIY moving option, I allow a week and go room by room, packing and unpacking before moving onto the next. This means I don’t have boxes lying around for weeks…months…after move in date! The nearly 3yo has been a fab little sidekick this morning and we’ve powered through heaps, now only heaps to go 😉 I have it all planned out though, so barring any huge mishaps it should all go smoothly enough and I can’t wait to show you some snaps when we are settled. Although if you follow me on snapchat (lizzypag) you’ll be able to watch me snapping my way through the move and setup. The new house is quite a bit bigger than the one we are currently in so I’m going to need some fab new bits and pieces to make it seem less empty (although that’s hubs preferred decor style!!!!). Anywho, back to the business at hand- the sales!!!! Scroll on down and see what’s happening and where 🙂

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