Tulle Skirts and Art Galleries

The other night I was lucky enough to be invited to an ART NOW Event at Lumas Gallery in Richmond. A gf and I frocked up and trundled into town for a gals night out to check out some gorgeous photography works currently at the gallery. The art, the food and the drinks were just amazing…we differed in our choices of art but we both loved the mojitos and the smoked salmon mini bruschetta and the sweets by Nectar and Stone were to die for! Macaroons with gold leaf on top and fresh raspberry in the middle, and the mini cupcakes, WOW!!!! Food aside, the artwork was just gorgeous and there were several pieces I would happily have taken home then and there.

Blue Girl by Andrey Yakovlev & Lili Aleeva I really loved this piece however my plus one didn’t & according to the Lumas girls, thats a common reaction! She divides the crowd big time! I felt like I could look at her for hours, the digital enhancements adding so much to this, rather than taking away from it.
Hidden by Mark Leary. This was my fave work, the vintagey tones & the subject matter (am I sounding arty or what?!) really appealed to me. This is definitely one my wish list, and possibly the two others in the series at some point.

Art, food and bevvies aside, there was something else we both got excited about, and that was the babe in the tulle skirt! πŸ˜‰ So very perfect for a gallery affair like this, or just drinks or hanging out. We both fell in love with it, and immediately discussed the possible addition of a similar piece to our wardrobes! So Celeste, this collection is for you…and me…big sale at Asos starting tonight too #justsaying πŸ˜‰ I’m so very tempted to make like Carrie Bradshaw and a tulle skirt or two to my wardrobe…were they not the most iconic outfits from SATC?! Who doesn’t recall the opening sequence of Carrie in the infamous $5 tulle skirt?? Asos have every colour and length under the sun and so many of them are on sale so pop over there for a looksee (links below) and let me know which one is your fave (and in your cart!) xx


make like carrie & wear tulle


Asos are having an “UP TO 50% SALE” get excited babes, their sales are the best! (AU/Asia Pacific)