The Fitness Babe & EOFY

Morning LLL fitness loving babes…and those who detest exercise but still participate! 😉 EOFY gives you the chance to update your equipment, replace worn items or just add to your collection and grab a possible tax deduction at the same time. Whilst we do these things all year round, grabbing items on sale at EOFY sales means you can get something extra spesh for the price of the ordinary, #yay  🙂 YOOX.COM offers designers deals at often discounted prices. A chance to get the designer look for less and stand out from the crowd whilst looking fantabulous! Put these two things together and bam, a sale of up to 50% off at YOOX.COM, the chance to score some amazing deals and even more amazing prices *inserthappydance


Welcome to part two of my EOFY collab with YOOX.COM. If you’re a PT, fitness instructor or just like a little physical activity, chances are YOOX.COM has something brilliant for you. With so many gorgeous fitness goodies on spesh, you are sure to find a great steal to have you looking and feeling the goods next time you’re out for a jog…or a latte (I won’t tell, I do that too!!) So make like Liv, let’s get physical and get those bargain shopping vibes happening,

Right, we have the blood pumping, we’re excited, we’re ready to see what YOOX.COM has for us next time we hit the gym…or park…or cafe! I’ve put together a little collage of my fave picks for you, with the links to each item underneath.

The Fitness Babe & Eofy

the luxe:

the everyday:

Taking from our LLL ethos of translating the luxe to the everyday, I’ve created two groups of goods- the luxe and the everyday. However most of the luxe items, or items that look luxe aren’t that exey anyways! Especially so if fitness is your profession and you can claim these bits on your tax!! I’m not even sure which collection I like better- they both look so good if I say so myself.

I’ve purposely left out clothing from this selection of fitness bits and pieces as I think we all have our fave labels, or rather ones that work for us. I had this discussion with a friend the other day as she is getting back into exercise and went shopping and bought a brand of leggings which she just loved. Fit her perfectly, were super comfy and she was rapt. I had a pair by the same label which hubs had bought for me and whilst I loved the colour, they just didn’t fit me well at all. There is definitely big, although subtle, differences between all the brands. You definitely need to be like Goldilocks you have to try a few to find the pair that works for you!

Anywho, let me know what you love from this edit and what is on your shopping list. And if you need help tracking down a bargain or two, give me a yell, it’s totally my fave hobby- finding fab buys for babes! Have a great day all xxx

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