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School Holiday Fun!

Woo hoo! It’s officially day 1 of the mid year school holidays here in Victoria. We are having a very quiet day here at LLL HQ after a busy second half of last week. TWO nighttime outings were had by the LLL gang (yep that’s me, husb & kiddies!!), in a row and in the city! Cray cray I know 😉 So where did we go and what did we do? And more importantly, what did we think?


First up was You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown. If you can cast your mind back to Thursday, the weather was horrific- freezing, pouring rain, windy, just awful but we piled into the car with excitement and headed to Alex Theatre in St Kilda. I’ve never been there before, and I have to say, it was a great little venue. Has the feel and look of Melbourne’s big theatres, but with an intimacy that is perfect for family shows. The kids and I (including a sleeping Anna) jumped out in front of the theatre in the rain and left husb to go park the car, (good man!) fortunately just around the corner. Upstairs we went and got papped (yes, we had our photo taken by the official photographer, that’s the celebrity life for ya!!), got our obligatory sparkling and pop tops for the kids and some fantales and grabbed our seats. It would have to be one of the most simple productions I’ve ever seen. Just 6 cast members-Charlie, Snoopy, Sally, Lucy, Linus and Schroeder, no costume changes, one set with a few prop changes, no special effects, but plenty of entertainment and fun for all. Our three kids (7f, 6m & basically 3f) sat there transfixed the whole time. Alex was in hysterics for half of it, Anna (the smallest) did not even move, she sat there glued to the whole show and believe me, if she’s bored she will let you know! And Ella just loved it and hasn’t stopped talking about it since! I’ve asked them for their thoughts/point of view:

Ella (7): My favourite part was when Lucy found out she was crabby because her brother gave her 95/100 for crabbiness and Charlie Brown gave her 51! I liked when they all sang the happiness song and when Charlie Brown found the red headed girls pencil with teeth marks in it. I think other kids would like to see Charlie Brown and I gave it 10/10.


Alex (6): My best bits were the Valentine’s Song and Snoopy’s Red Baron song. I also liked when Lucy punched her brother Linus in the face :-0 I laughed a lot. I give it 9/10

Personally, Snoopy’s suppertime song was hilarious as was the character of Lucy. They were all fabulous and had us all laughing many times, but Courtney Glass as Lucy was just fantastic. Having not read up on Charlie Brown, or having seen the movie, I had no idea what a stressed out, anxious little person Charlie actually was. It was a bit of a shock, but the beautiful part was the friendship the Peanut Gang all shared and how they showed Charlie that they thought he was a good friend and a good man. The simplicity of the show really allowed the focus to be on each character rather than what was happening all around the stage and for children especially, that was just perfect. They were able to clearly see the relationships between the siblings and friends and have talked about it non-stop since!


the details:

You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown – The Musical

Dates             June 21 to July 2, 2016

Venue:          Alex Theatre, Theatre 1

135 Fitzroy St, St Kilda. Phone: 03 8534 9300

Tickets or phone 132 849.

Price:             Tickets: from $25 ($120 for a family ticket)

Silver’s Circus.


The next night, which was just as awful- hello hail and freezing temps, we headed up to Richmond for Silver’s Circus. This was the second time seeing this circus so I think we were all a bit curious to see what we thought second time round. Can I just say that despite it being a bit late for many kids (7.30pm start), the circus is so much more exciting at night! I wouldn’t have thought it would be a big difference but I definitely thought so!! We had front row seats which was fab for the kids…for the most part anyways. Turns out Anna does not like clowns 🙁 she buried her face into my coat both times Sweepy the Clown was on stage (poor baby!). Anyways, for those who have been before, I will tell you that the acts change so you won’t be seeing all the same things again which is ace. There were a few acts that were the same but for the most part they were new and different, and being nighttime this visit, they seemed even more exciting!

Ella: my favourite act was the girl in the wheel (the German Wheel for those playing at home) and also the motorbikes were cool because there were 4 bikes in the Globe of Death. The boys in the two circles (the Wheel of Steel) doing tricks were really good too. Sweepy was really funny speaking in his clown language and with the whistle. I liked it more than last time and gave it 10/10


Alex: The Globe of Death (that was basically it for him, he knew it was coming and so the whole circus was basically just waiting for the bikes for him!!!). At the start, the guy that was juggling was good too. I give it 9/10 because some of the acts were the same.

Alex also had concerns regarding the costumes the females were wearing!!!! They were showing their bellybuttons which is apparently rude! Who knew?! There was quite a bit of discussion from his regarding the costumes which was hilarious 😉 Anyways, I’m picking the lass on the Roman Rings as my fave again, she is just amazing. And like Ella, the German Wheel was fab as was the Wheel of Steel and the Globe of Death. The Illusionist/Ring Master definitely had us blown away too with his “tricks”, you sit there trying to figure it out, but it must simply be magic, I have no idea otherwise!


the details:

Burney Oval, Richmond (Opposite Madden Grove)

Wednesday 22nd June – Sunday 10th July, 2016  

Tickets:                                                  Ticketmaster 136 100 or

OR call the circus direct on 0413 880 044 or  0413 844 241

Prices:                                                    Adults                    Children (3-12yrs)               Pensioners/Full-time students        

Ringside                                                 $40                         $30                                         $35

Elevated Chairs                                    $35                         $25                                         $30

Side Chairs                                            $30                         $20                                         $25

So if you’re looking for something fun to do with the kiddies these holidays, I highly suggest either (or both) of the above shows. Our kids just loved them both (well, except for the clown in Anna’s case!) and as grown ups (or pretending to be grown ups) we enjoyed them both as well. Oh, and the Big Top at the circus is heated which is a very important piece of info I feel at this time of the year! Nobody wants to freeze!!! What have you got planned these holidays? Any recommendations for fun activities? Please share and have a fab Monday xx



**We attended both these shows as guests of the productions. All thoughts and reviews are solely our own however.