Best Buys Wednesday!

Happy Hump Day! Did you see my post on Insta a couple of weeks ago about hump day?? Check it here if you didn’t…

so yeah…as you were…all busy getting through Hump Day 😉 I thought I might share a few quick bargains with you today and be on my way. I am blessedly free of kiddies today, silence is reigning supreme here in sunny (not a joke) Frankston! Loving it! Am about to face mask, paint nails, defuzz and all that glam stuff, in total peace and quiet, oh and catch up on my shows, Chicago PD anyone?! Love it!!! Have got the bestest post and discount code for you tomorrow too so make sure you check in with me at some stage xx Without further ado…

Sale... Shop now (AU/Asia Pacific)



So there are the four places I’ll be shopping at today! I’ll tell you what I buy if you tell me what you buy 😉 xx (the header pic will give you a hint!)