A gals weekend away with Boho Bird

When was your last gals weekend away? Mine was forever, like can’t even remember ago. Bad huh? I’m such a family/homebody that I find it hard to leave them even for something so fun and rite of passage. But it’s booked, I’m headed to Daylesford for two nights with some girlfriends and with the help of birdsnest, in particular their boho bird range, I’m getting my suitcase organised!

Birdsnest Style Guide


look 1:

look 2:

look 3:

Which of these outfits is your fave? I’ve secretly packed some thermals as well as I’ve been told it’s freezing there this time of year, nevermind the fact it snowed there last week!!!!

Perhaps the most important thing to pack for a gals weekend is the wine! Vinomofo to the rescue!! I’ve chosen a collaboration case- a mix of sparkling, whites and reds to cover everyones tastes and also a case of rose. I love rose for it’s ease of drinking and there’s something about a pretty pink vino that fits perfectly when having a vino with the gals!

Collaboration Case $170 (12)


Rose Lineup 5.0 $105 (6)

iconWhat are your gals weekend hints and tips? And who has been to Daylesford? What should we be doing? And most importantly, where is the best coffee??????!!!!