Going all Wimbledon’ish #40-love

Hubs and I love tennis…well watching it anyways. He likes to think he has a few skills but I think it’s more determination not to lose than ability but whatevs hey? So the watching is always in full sloth mode in January when it’s Melbourne’s turn to host a grand slam, but come this time of the year, the happenings are at Wimbledon. The most traditional of the Grand Slams, where’s it is all gentlemen and ladies and one must wear white and if one is actually there watching, one must partake in strawberries and cream with a glass of sparkling on the lawn.

Strawberries & Cream.. What Wimbledon is really about...:

The all white attire is what really floats my boat though. And in particular seeing what gorg tennis frocks Stella McCartney sends out to play <3 I quite obviously have no need for an all white Stella Mc frock, but I am quite able to don all white and partake in strawbs and cream and a glass of sparkling whilst watching!




David Jones


With your white attire sorted (how gorgeous are ALL those pieces btw?), lets get the snacks and bevvies organised 🙂

Aussie Farmers Direct

QLD Strawberries 2 x 250g $8
Bulla Thickened Cream $2.79

Pop these into your shopping cart along with your bread and milk and some of their other great bargains this week ( fave five:am coffee bean yoghurt!) and have them land on your doorstep in no time!!

Phase 3 of Wimbledon prep is your drinks…think sparkling, rose, pimms…all things summery <3

Black Market Yarra Valley Sparkling NV $12.50/$150 case (12)
La Prima Vita Rose 2015 $13.50/$162 case (12) *how gorgeous is this label??!!!


So I think that’s Wimbledon all sorted, whites? check! strawbs & cream? check! sparkling? check! Who are your picks to win??