Post School Hols Gym Return

Have you not been exercising as much as you would like of late? With school holidays and winter, the motivation and time is somewhat lacking, for me anyways. I can’t wait to get back into it, make a routine and stick to it…more importantly! I’m lucky in that our gym has a creche for the little lady however she’s quite hit and miss about how she feels about it which adds to my lack of enthusiasm about returning to the gym. It’s hard to round up the motivation to exercise knowing you have to battle a 3yo crazy person in order to do so :-/ Anywho, I’m hoping some luxe new gym gear will give me the push to head back to gym life, aka fit like, aka fitting into pants life 😉

Beast mode #ILOVELUCY:

he he he he he!!!!

So here is my activewear edit, the luxe and the everyday, although the luxe isn’t that OTT price point wise so maybe splash out and treat yoself to some fab new gymwear and I’ll see you at RPM…or maybe pump, though that will probably hurt too much the next day…so maybe the cafe?!!!!




David Jones

I’m off on gals weekend as of now, have a blast this weekend too babes xxx