The Fire & Wine Get Together

They, being fire and wine, go together so perfectly well in winter don’t they? Throw in some friends, nibbles, beanies, blankets and some tunes and you have the perfect Sunday arvo. Well, that’s what we’ll be hoping for this weekend anyways! Hubs has invited some tri (as in triathlon) friends over for a vino or two post massive Sunday training sesh for recovery of the anti-oxidant kind πŸ˜‰ I’m slightly concerned as he doesn’t worry about the details…like seating and wine glasses (which have seemingly all been smashed over the past year or so leaving us with half a dozen, random mismatched glasses) and food, so I’m hurriedly shopping around for the most aesthetically (and pocket) pleasing choices.Also slightly concerned the house may take off in the tornado that is currently occurring outside. But back to the superficial concerns!

Setting the scene…first step, gather the bits and pieces you need to set the scene. Think fire/heat source, seating, lighting and warmth factors.


So now we’ve set the scene. We’ve got a heat source sorted, have organised extra seating, music, blankets and beanies to keep everyone toasty warm. What’s next? That would be the food and wine…stay tuned!

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