Food for the Fire & Wine Party

Did you check in on Tuesday and see my Fire & Wine Party post? If not, you can quickly check it out here… In a nutshell, we are having a few friends over on Sunday arvo for some vinos around the fire pit. I’ve set the scene furniture, warmth and decoration wise, picking up beanies, blankets and scarves from Cotton On and just need to pick up the seating this evening when husb gets home to manhandle it for me…kinda tricky to hold onto a toddler whilst hoisting large flatpack boxes around 😉 That’s my excuse for making him help anyways!! So with the decor part sorted, it’s time to organise the food and bevvies.

Aussie Farmers Direct

I’m in two minds on how to go about it…the unoriginal but always happily received, antipasto type deal-dips, cheeses, meats etc or do I do a pulled pork and salad with rolls to make sliders kind of thing?

firewine food 2


firewine food 1

I’m leaning towards the latter with maybe a little of the former thrown in for good measure! Thoughts? Both are relatively easy, though I’m thinking post training the gang would probably appreciate a big feed. Although, perhaps by arvo time, they’ll just want nibbles? Full of first world dramas aren’t I?!!!

Have you seen these on Insta yet? The coffee in a choc coated cone? AH-MAZE!!! I would so love to serve these up for dessert but don’t think I have enough time to perfect the cone part of it :-/ One can always try though I guess?! Or make some coffee ice-cream and a buffet or add-ons?! YUMMMMM!!! Had to share this particular pic given the bike wheel table, so very appropriate for the guest list 🙂

Food dramas aside, what should we be drinking? I’ve turned to the folk at Vinomofo for some assistance and they’ve shortlisted a few fab deals and choices for me/you 🙂

Black Market Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 $9/$108 case (12) highly recommended for quaffing around the fire with friends!
The Orgy McClaren Vale GSM 2015 $15/$90 case (6) Not just a rad tasting vino, but the best conversation starter for get togethers/dinner parties 😉
Duck Sauce Yarra Valley Pinot Noir 2015 $15/$90 case (6) So so quaffable & a perfect match with pulled pork #justsayin