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Monday Musings

Has your Monday gotten off to a good start? And how was your weekend? LL&L headquarters were quite busy over the weekend, so Monday has been welcomed for a bit of quiet and routine again. Saturday night saw a gf and I frocking up and heading into town to see Menopause The Musical.

menopause the musicalIt was FABULOUS! A definite must see…with girlfriends or your mum, I wouldn’t recommend taking hubby if you’re still to go through “The Change”; may scare him off for good, the thought of living with several years of full time PMS πŸ˜‰ Oh, wear waterproof mascara, you will cry tears of laughter it is that funny and prepare yourself for TMI in the loos post show. There was a lot of oversharing going on in there-avoid at all costs!!!!! Donna Lee was hysterical and Caroline Gillmer, just fantastic. The whole cast were superb but those two were definite stand outs for me. Take your mum for a fab night out xx

We lit the fire yesterday, opened some red and feasted on platters I put together with some Pinterest help (shhh). Most of it was FODMAP friendly for hubs who is currently on a low FODMAP diet to sort out his tummy issues, but can I just say, huge sympathy/empathy to those who undertake this diet permanently, argh!!! SO hard to buy food that is FODMAP friendly πŸ™ And what is available costs the earth too!! I definitely need to be way more organised so I have time to make everything from scratch, making sure it doesn’t include any potential irritants.

Due to my love of coffee…and red wine…and chocolate, my teeth have become a bit stained. Not the best look :-0 But the rise of at home whitening kits that are quite safe, ie.no harsh chemicals, not tested on animals etc etc, finally hooked me and I purchased a kit from HiSmile. It just arrived this morning, so here is my before (no makeup either so looking totes glam). The kit contains 6 applications so I’ll post my after on Saturday for comparison. At just $80 I’m not expecting brilliant white teeth, but a bit of a difference would be welcomed and if I’m happy I’ll get the pen for touchups. Wish me luck! They have a cool subscribe and save offer for the gels too which I’ll probably sign up to if I’m loving it.

This Sunday our baby turns 3. OH MY GOODNESS. She’s no longer a baby but a little girl with the ‘tude of a teen, argh! She was all set to have a Frozen party, watching Frozen on repeat every…single…day, I could probably repeat it word for word if needed ;-/ but suddenly she had a change of obsession and is now all about Peppa Pig. We have had to buy knickers, tights, hair accessories and a DVD, changing recorded episodes every 8 minutes got really old really quickly!!!! So we’ve got the invites and party deco’s sorted thanks to Vintage Foil, just need to sort out appropriate piggy foods and con someone into dressing as Peppa Pig πŸ˜‰

Also, Olympics are nearing!! Yussssss!! Have you seen this:

Katy does a good inspirational tune doesn’t she? I’m heading to the gym, I’m inspired πŸ˜‰ See you tomorrow xx

header: CRAZY MOTHER tee by Infamous Friends…may or may not be hiding under my jumper today #mondayfeels