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One More Sleep Until THE BACHELOR!!!

He’s nearly here ladies (& husb who loves this show for some reason…!) Richie, our poor heartbroken, runner up of The Bachelorette from last year is about to hit our screens for the most exciting, maybe slight exaggeration, TV event of the year; the return of THE BACHELOR!!!! Whoop whoop! So ladies,round up your girlfriends and let’s get Bachie ready with our own version of the Bachelor Cocktail Party!


How devine is Richie?! Did you fall in love with him on The Bachelorette? I know I did…THAT date with Sam when they dressed up as oldies was the bestest ever!

the bachie

Let’s start off with the all important, overly blingy frock and extreme heels, because how else do you catch a guy’s eye?!!!! Dress code for any bachie party is Bachie Mansion Approps. All these pieces are from The Iconic & if you order post haste (before 3pm) you could be lucky enough to have them on your doorstep all ready for tomoz night. Quick, press add to cart now!!!!


the luxe:

the everyday:

  • One Shoulder Ruffle Dress by Miss Selfridge $79.98 (sale)…because there is always one with the bestest legs who needs to show them off #imjustjealous but seriously; THE FRILL!!!! And it will be perfect for spring racing in a couple of months
  • Essie by Kendall + Kylie $79.60 (sale-limited sizes), ignoring the brand, I really love this shoe <3
  • Classic Designer Clutch by Niclaire $59.95, strap on or off giving a lass options as well as somewhere to stash her mirror so she can check her teeth for food before talking with the new love of her life
  • Kinetic Huggies by House of Harlow 1960 $26 (sale), with the frill taking centre stage, we can afford to pare the ear bling back a little
  • Infinity Ring by Ichu $69…to be used as a prop so we can make some incredibly awkward convo about looking for eternal love on our first meet & greet with bachie

With the outfit sorted, the next order of business is the sweepstakes game…which horse…lass will you draw?! If you each pop $5 in per girl, thats drinks on the winner for the finale party πŸ˜‰ Pay up and draw your girl as you enter the party!! This “party pack” is from last year but you can still use some of the props for this year πŸ™‚ Hopefully they put out a new one later today or tomoz for this year’s series.

bachie party poster

I think all they drink at the bachie mansion is sparkling so why would we do it any differently at our Bachie Party? You could either go a range of sparklings to suit different tastes, or just pick one awesome buy!

bachie party glasses

The Sparkling Selection 3.0 $135 for case of 12 (2 x 6 different varietals)
Haselgrove G’Noir Sparkling Rose NV $102 case of 12 perfectly pink & bubbly for gals night

I’m not sure any of the girls really eat, they sip tea a fair bit when they aren’t out with bachie or prepping to go out with bachie but you don’t often see them eat anything except when on a date. At our bachelor party though, we will eat, cos we like food. I’ll kick things off with a bit of a platter, you know finger food and sparkling while standing around awkwardly is all the rage. Then because meeting all the girls and cringing at their “standout” moves (remember the girl who changed into jeans last year???!!!!) makes it too hard to cook and actually serve anything decent up for dinner, I’ll hit up and order in! Too easy! Maybe a sushi platter? Maybe some Greek? Or the old standby, pizza?!

It would be cute to have red roses as decorations, so hit up the local fruit and veg shop where they have cheap flowers galore and grab a few bunches. If you wanted to go all out you could order all the girls a long stemmed red rose each! Who gets the white rose?!!!

bachie party roses

I’ll be posting during the show on facebook so if you want to join in with T’s & C’s join me there…we can pick early favourites, talk frocks, hair, shoes, you know the important stuff, who hasn’t got a chance, who does something outrageous etc etc. I can’t wait! If you’re having a bachelor party, have fun and share your pics with me #LLLbachieparty