The Amazing Megan Hess

I’m a long time admirer of the amazing Megan Hess. I have a slight obsession with her designer coffee girl series and think I’ve reposted every single one she has done on Insta. Don’t even ask for a favourite as I would basically list them all! Ok, this one could be one of my ultimate fave’s…


Who doesn’t love the Gucci Garden collection?!

This year Megan is the creative patron for Frocktober which excited me no end given (in case you haven’t noticed!) I am participating in this event for the second time beginning in a week. Her work for Frocktober is just stunning <3 <3

frocktober1 frocktober2 frocktober3

Aren’t they beautiful? <3 <3

When I saw Megan’s latest collaborations with both Shoes Of Prey and The Walt Disney Company & Hallmark, I immediately popped over to her website for further investigation. This is one of Megan’s insta peeks at the Disney Princess component of her Hallmark range…

The Hallmark range extends beyond the nine card Disney Princess range, featuring Cinderella, Belle and Aurora, to celebrate birthdays, friendships, thank yous and love with some of Megan’s most iconic artworks. Perfect for the fave ladies in your life.

megan-hess-coffee-girls megan-hess-peony-card megan-hess-black-lace-card

The cards are available nationally at Target and independent specialty retailers. I was super, super lucky and received a selection of them in the mail, some of which will be included in my #frockoffovca auction next month. The Disney Princess ones I’m going to frame for the girls bedroom, they are so gorgeous and the girls love them.

The collection of shoes in conjunction with Shoes Of Prey are created in leather and patent all with a hint of Megan Hess sparkle and are based upon the famous shoe clicking scene from The Wizard Of Oz and the magic that inspires.

megan-hess-shoe2 megan-hess-shoe3 megan-hess-shoe1

These are my top 3, not that I don’t love the other 2 pairs but these are gold and sparkly and FLAT/block heel so naturally they come out slightly ahead of the pumps! And if Megan Hess cards and shoes are not enough, why not check out her book and grab a bottle of sparkling while you do so…

megan-hess-book megan-hess-sparkling

I think the book and bubbles paired with a card would make the bestest pressie for your bestie/sister/mum. Especially as DJ’s have a book spesh on- buy 2 or more and save 30%! Buy one for you and one for the bestie! And maybe send hubs a hint about the shoes…who doesn’t need gold, sparkly shoes in their life? I know I do πŸ˜‰ See the full Megan Hess range at David Jones here, or pop over to her website for all her simply amazing pieces…prints, cushions, kaftans, cocktail trays and more!

In the meantime, if you aren’t already following Megan on insta, do so NOW @meganhess_official, and above all else, cheers! It’s FriYAY!!!


Happy Friday everyone! Xx

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header pic: Megan Hess website