Saint Rose Top 5

Frocktober Day 2 and I’m wearing Saint Rose. Michelle has only just opened the Saint Rose doors, so to speak, yet was on board as a frock sponsor immediately. I’m loving the clean, simple lines of her pieces, that all have a little twist to them, giving them an edge which is exactly my style.

wearing: Alba Dress in Marble (also in black)

what else I’m loving:

Stack1_0006_Saint Rose36344web.jpg
Ezra Slip Dress (also in white) $249.95 FRINGING!!!
Sasha Leather Pant $99.95
Stack1_0008_Saint Rose36184web.jpg
Prism Cardi $149.95

Stack1_0030_Saint Rose36546web.jpg
Thorn Cami Black (also in marble) $69.95, how rad is the back?!

This long weekend, it’s FREE SHIPPING on all orders, with the code: FINALE! How awesome is that?!

How amazing is Michelle’s first collection?! The fringing and leather details as well as the intricate backs have won my heart, that’s for sure! Thanks again for your help in frocking off ovarian cancer, you are truly a saint xx