#frockoffovca Frocks Week 2

It’s officially past the halfway point of Frocktober, yassss!!! This Melbourne weather is not being particularly kind to me in my frocking endeavours. 90% of the frocks that have been donated are Spring/Summer appropriate, not so much for this wintery weather Melbs is producing. And the wind!!!!!! So frocking unfriendly to frocks! Having Marilyn moments daily 😉

except I’m not nearly as glam!

Anyways, here is the roundup from week 2 of #frockoffovca. It’s been a week of pouty poses and fabulous frocks!


I’ll start at the top left and work across…

  1. Sass Gabby Boho Dress in Navy (no longer available online…but it is via #frockoffovca auction!!!) It was really short on me so I wore it over my lace culottes from Style Palace
  2. London Calling Panelled Dress by State Of Georgia $198
  3. Storm Dress by Fate Clothing, no longer available from their website but I found it at Birdsnest on sale albeit sizing
  4. Sienna Dress from Marylee Clothing $69.95
  5. Ivana Knit Dress by Salty Seaweed $45 (half price!!)
  6. Lucia Dress by Wilo Green $69, email to order this beauty
  7. Zoe Bell Sleeve Dress by i.d.s $69.95 this was really short on me too (I have a long torso that makes short dresses really short!) so I paired it with those lace culottes from Style Palace linked above-they are the best!
  8. In Bloom Floral Maxi from Princess Polly $85

So that was what I wore for Frocktober Week 2!

In between times, I was busy organising my little #frockoffovca dranks fundraising event! If you have somehow not seen it on facebook, click here or pop over when you have a minute. There will be frock sales, silent auctions, raffles and a door prize for best in frock! If you are free and not too far away, I would love you to come! And don’t forget about the auction being held on Instagram @frock_ovarian_cancer for all the frocks I’ve worn throughout my #frockoffovca campaign. This will be held on October 30th 6-9pm so pop that in your phone as an alarm so you don’t forget to bid on your fave frock!