The Platter Life 

My latest obsession is platters. I wouldn’t really say it’s a new obsession, just a growing one! And as such I’m dipping my toes into the platter market, starting off with friends and family orders and gradually easing into The Platter Life being a bit more of a career alongside the other bits I do. You can see what I’m creating for self and others on Instagram at @lifelovesandliz…these are a couple I did yesterday:

This top one had a rosé vibe to it & I also delivered with it a Rosemary syrup and sprigs to add to rosé for simple cocktails. It easily fed 4 adults and some sneaky smaller fingers that stole bits off it as well! And as for the rosemary and rosé cocktails-they were delish! 

This bigger platter was for a belated family Christmas lunch and was overflowing with yumminess! There was a package that went with this platter of extras to top up the platter throughout the lunch as needed. 

If you are interested in a The Platter Life platter for your next get together/event, shoot me an email: or msg me via Facebook or Instagram and we can go from there. All platters, knives etc are included in the price and platters will be delivered (locally), set up and then collected the following day or as arranged as part of the package. 

I’ll see you all in 2017! xx