The Glorious Circus 1903

Last night we attended the opening night of Circus 1903 at The Regent Theatre in Melbs. Oh my goodness, it was just glorious! So very beautiful and done to absolute perfection. Normally when we leave the show and pile back into the car, and last night was no different, we discuss our fave acts/part of the show. This time, none of us had a clear favourite, we all named at least three acts we loved followed by ‘but ____ was so good too…I really can’t decide’! You know then, with five undecided peeps, the show is a total winner!

this was the kiddies just before we went into the theatre, which if you’ve never been to the Regent before, is another good reason to see Circus 1903 as it’s so gorgeous. If you have kids, you’ll get how hard it is to get them to all pose & smile at the same time nevermind when you’re in a rush & surrounded by people trying to get past! This, believe it or not, was the best pic scored!!

Cameras and phones, very rightly so, are a big no no during the show and several people around us incurred the wrath of the usher with a torch shined in their faces throughout the show as they attempted to take snaps of the marvels occurring. I was actually that mesmerised by the whole thing I never even picked up my phone till toilet break 1, then intermission, then toilet breaks 2 & 3, but that aside, you literally don’t even want to look away from the stage for 2 seconds as there is so much happening. The Ringmaster was simply amazing, he was hilarious! Everyone young and old just loved him. He made a couple of really great points throughout the show:

  • these performers don’t just get up able to do these amazing acts. They put their whole lives into perfecting these acts, some of them risking life and limb (I’m sure there are a lot of safety measures in place we simply don’t notice, but wow kids, please do not try this at home!), working with another person, gaining that absolute trust needed for total perfection. For the performers, their whole lives are their acts, not just the three minutes they spend on stage. Their acts are hours and hours of blood, sweat and tears I’m sure, practising over and over again, making sure it is 110% perfect to perform for us. What they can do with their bodies and each other is simply brilliant. If, in another life, I come back as a teeny, flexible person I would love to join this show…maybe…if they could find me an act that doesn’t terrify (in a good way!) me! Perhaps I could be the elephant… 😉
  • There is magic within each of us. I loved this, it was a gorgeous little point to make, we each are special and full of beautiful magic within.

I don’t want to go through each act as….boring, and my retell simply wouldn’t capture the essence and magic each act had. Instead, here are some pics that I’m allowed to share:

Lucky Moon…omg, the elegance of this lass
these two have the most incredible balance in the world as evident in both their acts #wow
this gent did the balancing balls act above as well…this was ever so slightly terrifying though whilst awe inspiring at the same time…*an aside, I really must work on my core
The Bicycle Ballet…to my son, please do not try to do this at home! I literally don’t think he took a breath throughout this act, he sat on the very edge of his seat without even the tiniest of movements!
my lordy, this left my heart beating irregularly for sometime post show! These three perky peoples have incredible balance, I can’t even ride my bike on the footpath that straight, nevermind on a tightrope, joined to someone else, with some crazy gal doing a handstand in between us!!!!! #incredible
so thanks to the darling smallest child, I missed this act (put them in nappies if you can so you don’t have to miss a minute!) but the other three members of the fam bam, all rated the elephants in their top acts. They looked simply amazing
the mother and baby elephants, so gorgeous <3
this was prob the most stock standard pose of her whole act. The things this gal could do!!! For most of us, touching our toes is great, this lass is beyond anything you could imagine flexible!
not sure how the female sidekick manages to smile throughout this…me, I would be curled in a ball, hoping and praying for the best! Apparently, there is some skill involved, as she makes it through each show unscathed & still smiling!

Now, they are but some of the acts in Circus 1903. There are so many more, so many laughs, gasps, holding of breath moments, and times of total silence in the audience. This show is the absolute bees knees of circuses…in my vast experience anyways! A highly recommended treat for the fam these hols. All details, times, ticket info etc can be found here. Circus 1903 is only here in Melbourne until the 12th so you best hurry and get organised. You certainly will not regret going. Parking wise, for those practical peeps-I like to be organised on this front as I find it somewhat stressful!, we pre-book our parking through Wilsons Parking which costs $7 if you pre-book and use the code MARRINER, simply go here, select the Flinders Gate 172-192 Flinders Street carpark, enter your date, approximate times of arrival & departure and your number plate and you’re good to go. Simply trot out the Flinders Lane exit, through the Westin, have a peek at the shoes in Miss Louise and you’re there! (all unsponsored, I just hate city parking & assume I’m not the only one!)

This was my sneaky snap at the end as the lights were going up and people were rushing out, #totallylegitandallowed How stunning is the set?

And so ends my ‘review’ of Circus 1903. It was simply breathtaking and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it. If you only pick one all out thing to do with family these holidays, pick this.

*we were gifted the tickets to see Circus 1903 however all thoughts are my own. This blog post is my way of thanks for the opportunity to see this amazing show.