The Legends In Concert Tribute Show was Legendary

This Legends In Concert Tribute Show was enormous fun with a big fat capital F! Featuring tribute artists Prince, Olivia Newton John, David Bowie, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Adele and Elvis, this concert at The Palms at Crown Melbourne had my ladies and I out of our seats singing and dancing, sparkling in hand for the majority of the night. And then came the after party and selfies πŸ˜‚

my ‘date’ & I having our pre-show bubbles πŸ™‚
our balcony table…we were ‘up the back’ which was perfect as nobody behind us meant dancing without annoying anyone!
the cast finale

the selfie collection πŸ˜‰

Bowie was fabulous…I’ve never really knowingly been into Bowie, however post Bowie act I was all “I actually know and love all those songs, have just never thought about who the artist was until now!” #embarrassing #worstpicofthelot πŸ˜‰
Prince opened the show and was brilliant. Sang all the classics and had be dancing in my seat from the second he appeared on stage. Very hard to nab for a pic though!!
Adele was fab, & getting this pic was hilarious as she was shuffling us around trying to get the right light for us all, I was shiny as all heck by this stage #eeeek Given the whole ticket debacle getting Adele tickets, this is likely to be the closest I ever get to “her” and I’m ok with that as she was really good
I’m not a crazy Elvis fan but he was great and put on a good act to finish out the concert. He had all the moves and his interaction with the audience was awesome as there were some big Elvis fans there!
Hands down my fave act of the whole night. MJ was just awesome! He spoke like him, moved like him and sang like him. I really, really loved his act and would see the whole show again just for him. And he was lovely to boot post show for pics!

We didn’t see Mads or Olivia post show so no pics sadly. The Livvy act was ace with songs from Grease included making it a fun singalong, and Madonna ripped out the classics along with aΒ  couple of surprise choices!

This is the first Tribute Show I’ve ever been to so I had zero expectations heading in and ended up having the most fabulous night out. I have nothing to compare it to quality wise but we all loved it. The whole room looked like they were getting into it…think we possibly danced the most though! #backrowcrazies Would totally recommend this for a night out, whilst there I was thinking I could see myself there with my family-siblings, dad and his partner, cousins, aunty and uncle as it’s the kind of singalong fest that we all love and if you’re a fan of the 80’s particularly, this show would be right up your street. And the venue, The Palms at Crown was awesome. So happy with where we were seated, at a table in the balcony section. As I said it was pretty much the very back but it’s not a huge venue so we could see perfectly and had room to stand up and dance easily which adds to the fun of the night. Take your lover, your girlfriends or if you’re fam is like mine, take them! Mine will probs go with you if you ask as I know they would love it!!!

Tickets are through Ticketmaster here

And see all the details about the show here…it’s at the Palms until Jan.29th so don’t loiter, umming and ahhhing, get them tickets and have a fab night out!

disclaimer: all terrible pics by me πŸ˜‰ I was gifted tickets to the show but with no expectation of review and all thoughts, words etc are my own.