The kids, Bob The Builder & the Aus Open

Earlier this week we were invited to come and meet Bob The Builder at the Australian Open in Melbourne. I was beyond excited to attend as it meant the kids not only could meet and hang out with the ultimate handyman, “Can we fix it?” Bob, but I could also introduce them to the world of international tennis…which differs somewhat from HotShots at our local tennis club 😉

Anyways, we rocked up (late…traffic that I hadn’t anticipated being school hols still, arghhhh) and got hustled over to where Bob was hanging out in the Aus Open BallPark area. The kids went mental for the diggers and blocks there!

The girls leapt straight on these diggers trying to get the blocks onto the conveyor belt. They looked so cute in hard hats!!!!! Bob’s friends helping out were super lovely with the kids making sure they had all the help they needed and were really attentive which I loved. Meant I could sip a splendid Lavazza 😉 and chill…in the 40degree heat!!
because I’m such a pro at photography, I had the kiddies facing into the sun here #genius 😉 but thumbs up all round from Bob and the gang! Anna is scared of anything that moves or wears a costume (she’s super fun…!) so couldn’t snap her with the builder!
this was really cool, the green screen to dance along with Bob and his friends who were on a screen in front of the kids. If you caught any of my snaps you would have heard the Bob song playing as they danced with him!
Another pap shot with the main man. The whole Bob the Builder area was so cool and constructiony (yep that’s a word!) The bricks at Ella’s feet kept them busy for quite some time…until Anna knocked it all over anyways…I may have laughed, Alex may not have so much!
#childlabour HA! As you can tell by the grin, Anna loved the wheelbarrows and moving stuff around. Best TA ever…although requires A LOT of food breaks…
She was the one I thought would least enjoy this area…turns out with the exception of Bob himself, she was the one who enjoyed it the most! A future in construction for her mebbe????!!!!
Bob’s friends just waitin’ for photo opps!

After hanging with Bob and his friends for an hour, we moved onto the other activities within the BallPark area…I didn’t get many pics though as so many other kiddies around.

The rock climbing wall! Alex luuuuurved this and stayed well beyond the allotted 3 climbs per child (there wasn’t anyone waiting so it was ok!). I think he tried scaling the wall about 9 times before he finally got it which was when I wasn’t looking of course!!!!

Aside from Bob and the rock climbing, the BallPark area had Lego, both the Friends and the regular sort, massive tables where the kids spent close to an hour (snore), the Medibank bouncy bit but was so hot we didn’t stay long at that. The NERF part was a big drawcard, both undercover (hello shade on a HOT day) and who doesn’t like shooting foam bullets at their siblings? My kids certainly do! They love each other…really!! We also did colouring, face painting, held massive racquets and went back to Bob!

I won’t write about everything we did during our visit as it would be one lengthy post that you wouldn’t want to read without a bottle of wine in hand! But, we were there from 9.30am until 6.30pm and saw approximately 10 minutes of tennis! That is how much stuff there is to do at the tennis! The food and wine quarters which were themed around the four Grand Slams were awesome, though needed more seating and shade, but the actual food and drinks were fab. The Woolworths sensory eating experience was well worth the wait, so much fun and the kids tried and enjoyed foods they probably wouldn’t normally go for.

The Blackmores Wellbeing Oasis deserves a little shout out given how many samples the kids scored from the lovely staff!!! And the cool photo opps!

The Blackmores Wellbeing Oasis…the kids had an absolute ball in here posing in front of the awesome wings wall and then eating all the CoYo samples inside. The staff were just amazing with them too!

The whole tennis experience is so worthwhile, especially as it’s only $5 for a child’s groundpass for an entire day! Whether they’re into tennis or not, they will have the best day out. All the activities there are free and there are so many that you kind of need to go for two days, one to do activities and one to watch some tennis! We took heaps of food so and just bought ice creams and cold drinks making it very budget friendly. The day we went (Tuesday) was the hottest day of the Open thus far, but it wasn’t all that bad. There are rad fans that mist water all over you and plenty of taps to refill drink bottles at so it’s easy to keep hydrated and somewhat cool! Such a great family day out, we will definitely go again next year.

Thanks so much Bob for inviting us to meet you and hang out, do some digging, dancing and building! Hope you’re there next year…maybe Anna will be over her phobia by then!


*we were invited to the tennis as guests of Bob, however this post was not a requirement of our visit and all opinions are my own.