Trend #1 of 2017…BIG EARRINGS

I like big earrings and I can not lie.

You other sisters can’t deny

That when a girl walks in with a great pair of bling

And…that’s as far as I can take it! But just in case you want to add some lyrics, here’s the original to get you in the mood!

With Sir Mix-a-lot doing his thang in your head, cast your eyes over the big bling I’ve picked out from various sources. I love me some costume bling, so most of these (in fact 90%) are inexpensive but just in case you’re all #treatyoself that option is there too!

I like big earrings by liz

  1. Heart Wonder Drop Earrings by Samantha Wills $199
  2. Rose Gold Teardrop Earrings by Glassons $12.99
  3. Diana Twist Earrings by F+H Jewellery at The Iconic $90 (half price!)
  4. Diablo Cross Earrings at Princess Polly $30
  5. Queen Cleo Earrings at Princess Polly $35
  6. Drop Stone Earrings by Kiik Jewellery at Birdsnest $26.95
  7. Zahra Earrings at Esther Boutique $49.95
  8. Dominica Earrings in red at Esther Boutique $49.95
  9. Henna Earrings at Decjuba $24.95
  10. Summer Nights Tassel Earrings at Sportsgirl $19.95

So why do we love big bling here at Life, Loves and Liz so much? They look awesome for a start. They make great conversation starters. They distract from the dark circles under your eyes and the saggy tee you’re wearing. They lift your mood simply because they look so rad. They move when you move…just like that. Yep song references errrywhere today. They take a simple outfit to the next level. They can change your whole look. They make your dirty hair ponytail less obvious. Big earrings are really just a big bit of happy!


Which pair/pairs are your fave/s? I cannot decide, they’ve all got me like ‘I’m hooked and I can’t stop staring’ 😉 see what I did there…hooked…earrings…yep. Gonna leave it there for now, have a great Australia Day eve evening lovers xx

header pic (it’s actually taken from a big bling DIY blog post!!! Check it out!)