Air Roasters Coffee Review

Arriving home to find TWO KILOGRAMS of coffee beans on your doorstep, pretty much ensures great days ahead. When they are from Air Roasters, those great days are guaranteed. This happened last Friday, and I’ve been busy coffee tasting and having great days ever since…it’s a hard life ๐Ÿ˜‰

my home coffee station <3

So, who and what are Air Roasters???

Air roasting is one of two methods to roast fresh green coffee beans into the roasted coffee bean we use in our espresso machines, pods, plungers, aeropress’ etc so we can make our coffees in the morning…afternoon…night, and anytime in between.

Traditionally, beans have been (he he he!) roasted commercially in a drum roaster – that is they sit in a gigantic drum – where they are stirred mechanically and roasted for 15-20mins at high temperatures. Whilst it’s not a terrible method, I mean we probably all mostly drink drum roasted coffee either at home or cafes, it does allow for beans to roast unevenly and can produce a slightly burnt flavour from the ‘chaff’ (the bits which come off the roasting beans) which is left in with the beans.

Air roasting allows for much more control over the process, beans are roasted to temperature rather than colour, meaning it is easy to replicate flavour profiles batch after batch so you always know what you’re buying and going to get. To get technical – the roasters have PID temperature controls, which means Air Roasters can roast an infinite number of roast profiles. For example, Jamie may decide to roast a particular bean – (the Honduran Marcarla) to an end bean temperature of 160ยบC. He can either increase the air temperature to 250ยบC and roast the beans quicker or reduce the air temperature to 220ยบC for a slower roast meaning it will take longer for the bean temperature to reach the desired 160ยบC.ย  And there is little to no chaff as it rises in the hot air cyclone and is collected in a waste chute. However 95% of all roasted beans are still roasted in the drum…only 5% being air roasted, WHY???!!!! It seems to be the far superior method after all! #lectureover (after you watch this vid anyways!)

The men behind Air Roasters are Jamie Royal and Nick Grunbaum, former accountants who wanted to do something different. Coffee was their ‘different’. They began with retail outlets in foyers of big buildings, growing rapidly to the point their bean supplier could not keep up with their bean needs. Naturally, they decided they would start roasting their own, eventually designing their own air roaster, which they have now produced 10 of and sold all over the world! From accountants to Coffee Kings!! The Air Roasters team has 12 coffee outlets across Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra and supply a further 100 outlets with beans. And about this time last year, they bowed to public pressure and began selling beans and pods to everyone via their online store. Talk about a successful venture!

This is Jamie…I haven’t been able to find a pic of Nick!

I received 1kg each of the Nitrogen Blend and the single origin of the week. The single origin was Indian Elk Hill Estate, a medium bodied bean with medium-low acidity, promising a rich bold chocolate flavour with an orange citrus finish. Naturally I chose this one to sample first. And rich it was! Also, not a bean to have as a white coffee in my opinion, I enjoyed it far more drinking it black. It has a rich, almost smoky flavour to it. I’ve not been known in the past to describe flavour notes well, but I lured a similarly coffee obsessed girlfriend around with the promise of coffee and it’s exactly how she described it as well!!

The Indian Elk Hill Estate beans

After getting through the hopper of these beans, with the rest safely stashed away in an airtight container, I opened the Nitrogen Blend to try.

the Nitrogen Blend: 39% Honduras, 22% Indonesian, 17% Tanzania, 11% Ethiopia, 11% Nicaraguan

I found this blend much milder…as blends often are. I’ve trialled it on a couple of friends who have enjoyed it too. It’s a great blend to have as the morning milky coffee, saving the single origin for the arvo’s espresso hit!






I loved sampling these beans and learning about the art of air roasting, something which I previously knew nothing about! The beans are a fantastic (and affordable) price, $30kg with free postage over $75 or flat rate of $10 otherwise. Air Roasters don’t just do beans though. They also offer pods, which are Nespresso compatible and come in 20, 60, 120 or 180m packs. And they offer a really cool fundraiser for your school or club, which you can read about here.ย  I think would be quite awesome to try given it’s lack of risk and how popular pods are!

Want to compare notes? Order your beans or pods from Air Roasters and then come back to tell me what you think… Oh and make sure you follow them on their new Facebook page as well!

This is a sponsored editorial and the beans a gift by Air Roasters, however all opinions are my own.