That time we hung out with Kung Fu Panda! Lights by Dreamworks – Review

Last weekend, you may have noticed on social media, Lights by Dreamworks in Rosebud on the Mornington Peninsula  launched, and we were there for the opening. As I’m wont to do before heading to things like this, I researched very little about what Lights by Dreamworks actually was all about so I/we went in without any expectations or preconceived ideas. Sure I had shared a few pics but that was about the extent of my knowledge, save driving past the site for the past month a couple of times a week. For the record, outside is nothing compared to the inside! we picked up our tickets and took our place in the line to head on in via Shrek’s rather large mouth…someone (ok, Anna) was quite tired as we had already been to basketball and Little Beauty Market that morning before heading here, so she hitched a ride on husby’s shoulders!

tip #1: hang back if there is a line…let the others rush in before you and yours so you can take your time to look at everything in the entry…plus once you’re in there you get more room to look around as everyone has rushed off!

How good am I at photography?! Nailing having subjects looking the right way and getting the lighting right so the kids are just outlines πŸ˜‰ Hopefully you fair better!!!

I don’t want to give you a blow by blow of everything there and what it all looked like because then there is no need for you to go, so I’ll just outline the raddest parts! We loved:

  • the rides…Anna went bananas for them all, Tom having to fold himself in half to get into the train with her which she just LOVED! But that was just one of the 4 rides there. The bigger two went on a couple but weren’t nearly as excited as Anna (3.5yrs) was.
  • the craft activities…I normally avoid these at all costs, having control freak tendencies when things aren’t perfect however, they were pretty awesome activities and Tom did one with them, Ella went and did one by herself and I played on my phone while they all did the other so I didn’t take over! Very good by me I think πŸ˜‰
  • the roaming characters…we managed to give Kung Fu Panda a quick squeeze, have a photo with someone from How To Train A Dragon (I think…we haven’t seen that movie) and waved to Shrek as he hurried past on a mission obviously to save Fiona or get Donkey out of trouble!

So far, I’ve managed to avoid all mention of the actual lights…the very basis of this event! The lights really were amazing, especially the Shrek and Madagascar ones, both movies our whole family love. Seeing the characters in scenes we knew from the movies was great! But with all the other things to do, ie.rides and activities and lounging in beanbags watching a movie, we just didn’t get to see them all!

tip #2: manage your time wisely…too much time in the craft areas means not enough time to see everything else. Plus MORE stuff to take home :-/

Alex The Lion from Madagascar is Alex’s fave Dreamworks character…namesake and all so we were very excited to see him in lights. Again, my photography skills are shown to great effect here!!!!

the nitty gritty details:

  • where: 1125 Point Nepean Road, Rosebud (opposite the Rosebud Pub) plenty of parking around but do leave yourself some time to find a spot
  • when: March 25th – April 30th…there are mostly 3-4 sessions a day but check here for times & availabilities
  • tickets: via Ticketmaster or by phone to the Lights by Dreamworks office, link & number here as well as prices, but as a guide; $28.50 per adult, $21.50 per child or $76.50 per family (2A+2C)
  • extra stuff: you can buy passes for this in combination with other activities/experiences which is worth looking into especially if you’re traveling to the area so you can get more fun into your time on the Peninsula. Check here for more info. I did also see in an email this morning, you can save 20% off your entry ticket when you buy a ferry (Queenscliff/Sorrento) ticket which is great. Pop to the Searoad Ferry website for more info.

Verdict: defs a great activity to do with the kids over the holidays. Even better if the day is dreary as they can roam around to their hearts content for a couple of hours and use some of that amazing energy they are all blessed with!

Shrek ya’s all later πŸ˜‰

Disclaimer: we were gifted tickets to attend this session, however this review is of my own doing, not at the request of promoter and all thoughts, comments and pics are my own.