Fave Things Friday #5

It’s the school holiday edition of Fave Things Friday! How has the first week been? Or first week and a half if you finished up super early like we did!!! Have you had a quiet week or a busy week? Ours has been quite hectic…with plenty of activities in between work and hubs and I even managed to squeeze in our very first gym date!


On Tuesday after a busy day at work for hubs and I and a busy day at the movies for the kids with their nana, we headed off to Boneo Maze to take part in a guided tour as part of their Lantasia Dreaming lights. Led by Lionel Lauch, a Peninsula Aboriginal man who is just amazing and passionate in his educating, we wandered along the boardwalk learning about local flora and how the Aboriginals use them. Towards the end, we stopped for a Didgeridoo Meditation which under the stars surrounded by flora and fauna was magical…discounting the special comments from Alex which kept everyone either entertained or bewildered for the evening! I cannot rave enough about Lionel and his teachings, his passion and knowledge was beyond and I’m forwarding his details to our principal in the hopes we can get him to our school for an incursion. In the meantime, we are seriously considering doing his Living Culture Walk on Easter Sunday arvo in Shoreham. One way to ease the chocolate bingeing guilt! For more info about the walk click here… In the meantime though, definitely check out the Lantasia Lights as it’s just gorgeous walking amongst them under the stars, and you can even do the maze and/or mini golf beforehand!!!!

Lantasia Dreaming tiddalick


Although Melbourne days have been sunny as anything of late (loving it btw Mother Nature!), nights are getting a wee bit fresher and I doubt I’m the only one who needs a new knit in their life. Say hello to Isabel, a black beauty by Rue Stiic who is tugging at my heart strings being all black and fringey…

Isn’t she (the knit that is!) lovely?! Check out my latest insta post for some styling inspo <3

This is part read, part watch, part do…I am absolutely loving Airbnb’s Until we all belong campaign and have signed the pledge and bought the ring to wear as a show of my support for what they are trying to achieve. Until we are all able to partake in the act of marriage, showing our love for another equally I will wear this ring with pride. And I ask of you all to buy one (they are just $3.50 so not a big outlay!) and show your support for that person in your life, be they family, friend, colleague, coach/teammate, barista, whoever who doesn’t have the right to marry their chosen one because of gender. Take the pledge.


How fab are mushrooms? They would have to be one of my top five vegetables, maybe even top three. What are yours? Potatoes definitely take out top spot, then spinach, tomatoes…but would you rank them as fruit or vegetable given they’re technically a fruit but we use them as a vegetable #foodforthought So then either mushrooms or eggplant. Big on the nightshade family aren’t I?

Anyways, how fab do these Caprese Stuffed Portobellos by Cafe Delites look and sound?! As either entree, side or main stage, if you make them for me, I’ll love you forever!


What happens if when you reach your dreams, they aren’t actually making you happy and are no longer what you want?

If you have dance obsessed kids, or you’re just after a fab movie to see these holidays, check out Dance Academy. Perfect for the 7/8+ yr olds up to teens (& grown ups), this amazing Australian movie based on the series of the same name, picks up 18mths on from where the series left off. Though you don’t need to know the series to love the film. I saw it last week with Ella and just loved it. We laughed, cried and loved every minute of it. The cast are fantastic and include a few familiar faces. Cannot recommend this movie enough.

Have a fabulous weekend and week ahead beauties…I promise to deliver some more posts next week, this work/school holidays thing has me all over the place! I don’t know how you other fab mummas get it done!! Please give me your tips!!!!! xxx

Don’t forget if you have something you think we should all do, read, buy, make or watch please let me know!

header: Megan Hess