Fave things Friday #7

Welcome to another edition of fave things Friday. It’s been a busy week with back to school (thank goodness) but lots of exciting things happening. I can’t wait to bring them all to the table and share them!!! In the meantime, I’m sharing my fave things to do, read, buy, make and watch for the week…


It’s SEABL season for basketball at the moment…and we are headed to our first game on Monday evening, ANZAC Day eve. We are going to catch the touted ‘game of the round’, Blues vs Rangers at Frankston, women’s tipoff is 6pm, the men at 8pm. Read about the matchups we are looking forward to most here. Can’t wait to see some our WNBL Ranger gals in action again too!!!

Who’s coming to the basketball with us???? Tickets are available at the door…$12 adult, $8 children/pensioner/student and $30 for a family. Who will we be cheering for? Our beloved Rangers girls or our local Blues??!!!


Did you/do you love Lark? Read about Allison, the founder of Lark and what she is up to now over at Retail Biz..

She is an amazing businesswoman who created Lark from nothing, turning it into such an amazing store with a huge following and now is following in her own footsteps with Melt Bake and Party!

I shared this on insta yesterday…this coat and dress over jeans combo is my absolute fave at work at the minute. Where/what is werrrrk you ask? I’m now part of the Motto family…and I use the term family rather than team deliberately, as you are welcomed into the business as one of the family. It is such a great feeling to know you can ring any one of the family at any time and they will have time for you, rather than them being figureheads of a business, unapproachable and unavailable. Read here about them all!

But onto the pieces in the pic…I’ve popped the new Fur Mod Coat over the Dolce Velvet Tunic with their Distressed Long Shaper Jeans. How rad does it look????!!! Am loving working in fash retail…something I’ve never done before but a kinda obvious choice given my fashion obsession!


Behold the Oh Happy Day DIY Donut Wall!!!!!!

Who isn’t donut obsessed at the moment and wouldn’t want this for their next birthday, get together or tonight’s dessert?! Happily, Oh Happy Day have put together a DIY for you to make your own Donut Wall…bless them! If someone actually does this, don’t be afraid to invite me over!!!!

I absolutely love this segment on Triple J and this cover gave me all the chills. What a song. Takes me back in time…quite a bit of time to be honest, to when distressed jeans were bought secondhand actually distressed from use from the local iconic jeans shop, Jac n Jean. To when Kevin Costner was the ultimate Bodyguard and Kieren Perkins was ruling the pool at the Olympics.

And don’t forget, Little Beauty Market is on tomorrow in Beauty Park Frankston. Unfortunately, kids basketball doesn’t really allow much time to get there but I’ll pop in if I get the chance!

Have a fabulous weekend lovelies xx

PS. Giveaways coming at ya next week!!