Faux Glow done Selfie Glow style!

It’s neither #thursdaytanday nor #fauxglowfriday, but with both on the horizon it’s time to get your self tan sorted. If you’re a regular tanner, chances are you’ve been bronzed professionally but also have done so at home. If you’re an at home tanner, I’ll bet you’ve also tried umpteen different brands and methods in an ongoing search for the perfect faux glow. I have naturally pale olive skin, so whilst I never look ghostly pale (unless I’m sick), I am lucky in that my skin takes to tans quite well and also holds the colour well. #donthateme 😉 However, despite trying many a self tanner, usually of the gradual tanner type, I’ve never found a brand I luuurve and have told people about. Enter Selfie Glow!!!

I came across Selfie whilst down the rabbit hole that is Instagram. They had a competition running which I promptly entered, actually won, and as all good love stories go, Selfie and I have been together happily ever since. I received two products from their range; the Gradual Tanner and the Bronze Mousse in super dark.

After several applications of the gradual tanner which gave me a gorg colour and more importantly didn’t stink, I built up the courage to use the mousse. Having never used anything other than a gradual tanner at home before I was quite hesitant, especially given it was SUPER DARK! The packaging says you can leave the mousse on for as little as 1 hour for a medium colour up to 5 hours for a super dark tan.

I plonked the smallest babe in front of the tv for no distractions, stripped down, took a deep breath and began. The mousse came with a mitt to make coverage more even and easier, so I popped that on, shook the bottle and the tanning process was on! The mousse wasn’t thick like hair mousse, a little more liquidy but didn’t run all over the place or anything and my goodness it was dark. I started on my legs and worked my way up. Being at home with only the 3yo I couldn’t really do my back so just concentrated on my limbs and decolletage. Let me reiterate, the super dark mousse is just that- super dark. I initially thought I would leave it for 3 hours to give me a nice deep tan but not super dark.

After barely 1 hour I freaked out and washed it off!! Having never used it, or any tanning mousse, before I officially freaked myself out at the possibility the colour of the mousse was what I was going to be even after washing off. Turns out I was wrong 😉 *cue laughter.

I did however have a nice glow happening, although it wasn’t dark enough for people to really notice/ask where I had been over the weekend! The week after, all scrubbed, shaven and prepped to get my glow on again, I got really brave and upped the ante. I left the mousse on for a tad over 90 minutes. That was 4 weeks ago and I still have some faux glow about me!! For a product that is only $14.99 at Chemist Warehouse, that is definitely bang for your buck. Especially given after 2 applications, the bottle is still over half full!!! #bargain

Massive positives of this brand; their products are paraben and cruelty free.
So, want to know which Selfie product is right for you??? Done! Take my quiz below!!! #whoisyourselfiemate

Which product did you end up with as your perfect selfie mate?

Now for the second fun part, the bit where you get to win your very own Selfie Glow pack containing;

  • 1 x bronze mousse
  • 1 x gradual tanner
  • 1 x sunless spray
  • & 1 x mitt

So you get to try out the whole range basically and see what is best for you! Or share some with your bestie!

As well as this rad prize pack, I have a sneaky extra giveaway over on insta.  Pop over there ASAP!!! Also, because I’m so super fabulous at videos as my very first one proved 😉 there will be a Selfie Glow one coming your way. If the planets and caffeine levels are all aligned and working cohesively, the vid will be up tonight…otherwise tomorrow 😉

**Thanks to Selfie for providing these goodies to giveaway! I’ve not been paid in any form to write this post, nor run this giveaway. It’s done simply because I love this product and want to share it with you babes xx

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