Shimmer, shine & all things fine

Happy Monday babes! It’s a new day, new week and new opportunity to put some shimmer, shine and sparkle into your life! With Frank Body launching an extremely rad new product today, I thought I should take the opportunity to show it to you all, I know I don’t want to miss out on it!!! along with some other cool, shimmery, sparkly pieces that have grabbed my magpie like attention πŸ˜‰

Last week I got word that Frank Body was launching a new product…and it was shimmery! My ears immediately pricked with super excitement, I mean who doesn’t want to combine a scrub with sparkle?! They must have had me in mind when developing this goodie. *possibly not πŸ˜‰ With a hashtag of #throwshimmernotshade and full of silver and gold particles, I’m all over this new scrub like a rash…or it’s all over me as soon as it arrives anyways!!

How fab is this jacket they had custom made too?! #love

Anyways, the shimmer scrub is not the only sparkly piece I’m in love with right now. From sequins, to crystals to KitchenAid appliances, if it has a shimmer I’m attracted to it.

*some of these are affiliate links meaning I may earn a dollar if you buy, some are not xx

Which of these sparkly things do you love the most? Or are you not a sparkly babe at all? In which case, who even are you???!!!! Also, have you entered the Selfie Glow competition yet? #timeisticking #howoftendoyoufakeit?

Selfie Glow competition

Have a sparkly Monday lovelies xx